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Edward Larel is the premier loremaster of Northwinter Press. He's a loving husband and father of three who spends his time working on story information for the World of Pnumadesi and helping out with the production of other Northwinter Press products, such as the Pnumadesi Player's Companion for the fourth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game by Wizards of the Coast. When he's not working, Ed can be found playing many different games; all in the name of research, of course.

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Short Story Collection: Jaca, ....

Edward Larel

Three stories. Three unique protagonists, each tied to a greater adventure.

The people of Pnumadesi are as varied as in any world. Heroes rise from all walks of life. Age, status, and physical impairment matters not to those in need of help. In the battle against the elementals, even the unlikeliest of men may step up and become something more. This collection of short stories features three men, each with a unique disadvantage that, in most cases, would exclude them from any daring or heroic acts. But each of these men, with a little help and guidance, push the boundaries of what their societies expect in order to realize their destinies.


Zen's Heritage

Edward Larel

A young mage seeks to continue his quest while inner turmoil prevents him from revealing the truth of his lineage to his friends and companions.

Zen's Heritage continues the story from Arawn's Quest. The adventure picks up from the perspective of Zen, an orphaned boy taken in and raised by the Wizard Diaden to be a mage in a world where a treaty with dangerous elemental beings forbids such learning. When the boy turned 14, Diaden brought him to find Arawn Segomo so they could both help the man on his quest to free his people from magical exile at the hands of the same elementals.

After a full year of travel, the group of heroes, which now also includes an elven mercenary named Katrina, have only one Gem of Power to show for their efforts. When Zen's mentor leaves him so he can learn how to survive on his own, Zen and his remaining friends will have to face powerful enemies after his gem and an unspeakable evil that hounds their every step. To top it off, the boy must also keep a secret related to his heritage from his remaining friends. A secret that, until now, he's been able to keep from the world for 15 years.


Short Story Collection: Arawn ....

Edward Larel

Short backstories for both Arawn Segomo and Katrina of Ganalodel, main characters from Arawn's Quest.

Arawn's short story tells the tale of how he became a sentinel prince of the xendauni and provides a glimpse of life within the exiled Black Forest.

Katrina's short story details her background; who she was and where she came from before meeting Arawn Segomo. Growing up in the forest country of Ganalodel, Katrina wanted more than to just become a handmaiden for the queen. After training to be a hunter, she left her homeland to explore life as a mercenary...


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Hello Edward, Hope you are well. Maybe you would like to try out ....

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Colin Neville wrote 644 days ago

Ed I've listed your book in 'Rise of the Short Story' thread, page....

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I wrote 700 days ago

I have updated the format to be clearer. Glad you liked it and thank you for the feedback. view book

I wrote 1166 days ago

Definitely a more refined read from 4 onward. I am enjoying this very much so far, and wonder if you will be adding more or considering (self) publishing so that I can read it. On Worldbuilding; your unique view of this "curse" is something I can say I haven't seen before. The way it is viewed ... view book

I wrote 1175 days ago

I hadn't had a chance to get through this until tonight; but I appreciate that you reminded me. :) I like the story. It held my attention through to the end of what you have so far. I'm interested in how you broke up your chapters, since it looks like a lot of writing unless one sees the total ... view book

I wrote 1176 days ago

Yeah, wow. Absolutely wonderful book. I laughed just about the whole way through (my reading preference is generally horror, so that just made the work funnier still). Honestly, not much to add here, as I see several before made good points. I do love that I read the entire quote by you and di... view book

I wrote 1187 days ago

The plot and storyline are good, but the writing is rife with technical (two people talking in one paragraph), spelling (to vs. too), and gramatical errors (lack of or overuse of commas). First and foremost, I would suggest having a friend read some of it out loud to you. That helped me find a lot... view book

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