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Someone I know put a book up here and encouraged me to do the same. Then she vanished.
So, here I am.

In my youth, I wrote poetry which I never shared with anyone. Then I wrote short stories, which I never shared with anyone. Now I write books, which I never – oops. Well, everyone has to change sometime. Or so they say.

I went off my depression and anxiety meds years ago because I was afraid they were bad for me. I drink too much and cry too much and I don’t sleep well. I feel I've failed at something in my life.

I'm seeking redemption.

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Cass McMain

Some people inherit the strangest things.

When Corky inherits her uncle’s diary, she gets a surprise lesson in the family history. Uncle Moony appears to have been hiding a serious obsession regarding his brother… a brother with his own strange fixations.

After discovering what really happened between the two men, Corky can’t decide which one was crazier. Moony watched Edgar as though his life depended on it. Edgar watched his brother right back. But Edgar disappeared, and now nobody has seen him for years.

Obsession seems to run in the family. Now that Moony is gone, who will be forced to take up the next watch?

(Please note: This is NOT a vampire book.)

Watch has found a publisher. At his request, I have removed the last several chapters of this book.



Cass McMain

Can a Sunflower save a man's life? Ask Michael.

Michael is trying to become an artist, which is hard enough. It’s been made harder since his business partner left. It doesn’t help that his deliveries are always a hassle thanks to his stubborn neighbor. After a fight about this, neighbor Ted surprises Michael with a deal that will make his life easier. But there’s a catch: Michael has to wait for Ted to die.

He doesn’t have to wait long.

After Ted's death, Michael spirals into a dark pit of despair, tormented by a relentless sense of guilt. As the threads of his life unravel, the haunting shadow of his involvement in Ted’s death taints everything he holds dear. Each day brings a further disintegration of his once comfortable and productive life. His customers leave him. His girlfriend leaves him. He’s about ready to give up entirely.

When all seems lost, a new alliance unwittingly provides the key to salvation, and Michael discovers a few truths. One of them is that he doesn't have to become someone else in order to be a good man.

(Please note - Sunflower has found a publisher. At the publisher's request, I have removed a large portion of this book.)

Available at Amazon.


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Cameron Sinclair wrote 1 hour ago

Hey guys, just looking for some feedback on something I’ve been worki....

LanaLenk wrote 1 day ago

No worries, I understand. Just enjoyed your writing style and figure....

katie78 wrote 4 days ago

thanks! the thing is, i've put a few clues in the beginning, but i wa....

sticksandstones wrote 5 days ago

Thanks for that Cass! I wonder if he/she (it could be, who knows) saw....

katie78 wrote 6 days ago

also, we could do another interview and talk up the new book. wheneve....

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I wrote 78 days ago

This is very, very strange...and very, very beautiful. view book

I wrote 130 days ago

I read all you have up of this. It's very well done. Curious to see what will come of it. There are a few minor errors (and I mean very few and very minor) but I really got into it. Let me know if you post any more. view book

I wrote 180 days ago

Really beautiful and captivating. And humorous. And thought-provoking. I read the whole thing. I threw up no Cheetos. I think the heavy bits work better when they are woven into the fabric of the overall story, so though they were beautiful I did not like them piled onto the end as they are here.... view book

I wrote 204 days ago

I read all of these. My favorite, by far, was the first one. I think you could make an entire novel out of that one. I doubt I have ever found anything more sexy than your man in leather... and I'd have spent a lifetime trying to find him again. There is just nothing like the good smell of a good ma... view book

I wrote 206 days ago

Well, this has a disturbing air about it. I really wish there was more to it - I feel like I'm abandoning these people here, leaving them in the embrace of something dark. I don't think I'm going to sleep very well. Probably not your intention, but it's affecting me like that. Religion often does: s... view book

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