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I'm a writer. And a journalist. And a broadcaster (radio and tv). Also a voice-over artist. And some other stuff too. I've had a wide-ranging career both here in Canada and in England, Italy and France.
All written down like that it seems like a lot, but of course (like it does for everyone else) it just happened as it happened; one day led into the next and major changes - from career to career, or country to country - didn't seem so dramatic at the time. Looking back now, it seems exhausting. And weirdly random. But that's how I like it; like Forrest Gump - a feather blown hither and thither on the wind, with life summed up as being much like a box of chocklits: you never know what you're gonna get.
I'd like to choose this though: I'd love to have this children's book published. I love children and books. Also dogs, high heels and deep-fried soft-shelled crabs - but you can more or less buy those things. Except for children. For a book to be published takes a little bit more help and hope and luck and magic.
I'm interested to read what others have written and hear voices I haven't heard before. There's a lot of talent and passion and hope here. It's an exciting place to be.

favourite books

(In no particular order.)
A Prayer for Owen Meany. The Grapes of Wrath. Persuasion. Sense and Sensibility. Jane Eyre. The Executioner's Song. The Horse and His Boy. Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls. Geek Love. Pentimento. Chocky. The Stand. The Rich Are Different. The Guinness Book of World Records 1972. The World According to Garp. The Listeners. One Pair of Feet. Kiss, Kiss. Room At the Top. The Day of the Triffids. The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook.

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The Other Side of the Window

Jane Wilson

Mollie and George have very different reactions to watching their humans leave the house. Mollie plays or naps. But George... George worries. A lot.

George and Mollie are two happy dogs living a wonderful life in a loving home with their two humans. At least, they're mostly happy. George can't stop wondering where the humans go every day and decides to look for clues to explain the mystery.
"But George wouldn’t think of fond memories just now,
"With his tail in the air, through the cushions he plowed.
"No nick-knack was safe - he was like a dervish a-whirl!
"And the shambles he made would make your hair curl."
Mollie is horrified as George turns the house upside down in his dogged hunt for for the truth. Waiting in the window for the humans to return, the dogs are sure they're in big trouble.
With warm humour and in comical verse, 'The Other Side of the Window' is a beautifully illustrated children's storybook that explores the ways in which nameless fears can sometimes look like bad behaviour, and how we may need to dig a little deeper to discover what's really underneath what may look like just a great big mess.
Inspired by the real George and Mollie, everything in the story really happened. The dialogue, well... that's probably true.


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I wrote 670 days ago

This is outrageously good. The style is spare but richly detailed, the internal voice utterly true - the desperate feelings expressed in gasps of pain and despair. Small, descriptive details that are greater than the sum of their parts, like... looking at the calorie numbers printed on a food contai... view book

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Thanks so much for your comments Kate. I'm constantly fiddling and tweaking to make it scan better and used your comments as impetus to tweak yet again. As a voice over performer I've got the skills to make it scan (tricks of timing and emphasis) but except for those who will hear the recorded... view book

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