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Purge, short fiction collection available on Kindle now.


Twitter- @NathanOHagan

35 year old writer from the Wirral, living in Northamptonshire. I have written two novels and a few short stories, but so far been unable to interest publishers, receiving the usual standard rejection letters, with occasional piece of praise for my first novel. Currently re-drafting novel number two.

The World is (Not) a Cold Dead Place is complete at approx 67000 words. Only the first 13 chapters are on this site.

favourite books

James Ellroy-The Big Nowhere, Black Dahlia, American Tabloid, LA Confidential, The Cold Six Thousand, My Dark Places; Chuck Pahlaniuk- Fight Club, Choke, Survivor; Camus, The Outsider; John Fante- Ask the Dust; Dan Fante- Mooch; Cormac McCarthy- Blood Meridian, Child of God, No Country for Old Men, The Road; Michelle Houllebecq- Whatever; Mario Vargas Llosa- Feast of the Goat, The War of the End of the World, John Kennedy Toole- A Confederacy Of Dunces; Scott Heim- Mysterious Skin, We Disappear; James Fennimore Cooper- The Last of the Mohicans; Hubert Selby Jr- Last Exit to Brooklyn; J.M. Coetzee- Disgrace, Youth; Michael Chabon- The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay, The Yiddish Policeman's Union, Wonder Boys; John Irving- The World According to Garp; David Szalay- London and the South East; David Peace- Red Riding Quartet- Kevin Sampson- Away Days

Music- Husker Du, REM, Explosions in the Sky, The Replacements, Mission of Burma, Sebadoh, David Bazan,

Films- The Big Lebowski, Glengarry Glen Ross, Naked, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, La Haine, Taxi Driver, The Machinist

TV- The Wire, Six Feet Under, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Alan Partridge, Peep Show.

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my books

Fleas In Your Head

Nathan O'Hagan

When Wallasey falls, the rest of England will follow.

It''s 1993. 15 year old Winston Humphries believes the time is right for a left-wing revolution. What's more, he believes he is the one to lead it. And it'll take more than the fact that he's a middle class schoolboy from Wallasey to change his mind. Aided only by his overweight girlfriend and his slow-witted best friend, Winston is ready to overcome deranged teachers, geriatric policemen and mass apathy to bring revolution to the streets of Britain, starting with his hometown.


The World Is (Not) A Cold Dead....

Nathan O'Hagan

Over 28 years Gary Lennon has built a wall between himself and society, but forces beyond his control are about to pull that wall down.

Gary Lennon spends most of his time alone. The only things punctuating his solitude are his immersive OCD rituals, his angry rants to himself, and awkward encounters with his immediate family and the few friends he hasn't yet managed to alienate. When Gary's psychiatrist refuses to keep signing him off work, Gary is forced to take a soul-destroying job in a call centre, the sweatshop of the modern age, and into a confrontation with all the things he hates and fears the most.

A dark, funny, and occasionally shocking first person account of life in the depressed Northern town of Birkenhead, told through the eyes of a young man whose mental health deteriorates in direct correlation with the amount of time he is forced to spend with other people.


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Krombie wrote 13 hours ago

Thank you Nathan, likewise, will have a look at yours too.

Rei Link wrote 1 day ago

Ok thank you.

Rei Link wrote 3 days ago

Swap read with you. Ill leave you a review if you please read mine. ....

Olilley wrote 3 days ago


Olilley wrote 4 days ago

Do you think I should tweek the lp? I've changed the damn thing a do....

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I wrote 12 hours ago

Have just read the first 3 poems. Good on you for using the medium of poetry as a way to write about issues that clearly mean a lot to you. The 1st poem in particular tackles something very difficult and emotive. It fits neatly with current trends in cancer awareness (sponsored runs, no-make-up se... view book

I wrote 2 days ago

You're absolutely right about the lengthy opening passages Jue. They used to be even longer. I've just struggled for a way to cut them down. your suggestion is brilliant though. I'm gonna try that this weekend. view book

I wrote 40 days ago

Well Fontaine, you've done it again. 3 books uploaded, 3 works of excellence. You must be the most consistently excellent writer on here, by some distance. Cloud is probably closer in tone to Stonebird than Legacy, but each of your works have been impressively varied, yet you still manage to have cr... view book

I wrote 558 days ago

Just read the frist two chapters. I dont know why i took so long to read this but im glad i finally did. Well, glad might not be the right word, this is hard to read at times, with difficult, harrowing subject matter, but the writing is authentic, unshowy and gripping. It's just the kind of thing i ... view book

I wrote 565 days ago

4 chapters read. This isn't my type of read, but i imagine it would have huge appeal ti the chick lit crowd. It has all the elements that would appeal; glamour, aspirational lifestyles, wealth etc, and also has a fairly unique hook in being set in the near future, However, there are definately are... view book

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