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I was asked recently what a 'successful' writer like me is doing on Authonomy. I am doing the same as everyone else: trying to get to the Editor's Desk! Failing that, I am looking for a publisher or agent or both. I have worked Game Misconduct up to draft 40 and it has been self-published. This has not translated into significant sales, which is a blow to the ego and the wallet. The feedback I have received is great for addressing the former. After all, writers are fragile and sensitive artists. ;)

As to addressing the latter: I need help. Back Game Misconduct. Help push me to the top!


Jeff Rose-Martland is an award-winning author
and playwright living in St. John's, Newfoundland. He finds time to write in between raising his son, running a household, and infrequent stints in various bill-paying careers.
Shortlisted for the 2010 CBC Literary Awards.

Invited panelist for the 2010 Winterset in Summer Literary Festival.

Free ebook! Call Centre: the Musical
i apologise for my lack of interaction - i broke my right wrist the day i uploaded here. Cast is off, but the pain is horrible, so I am reserving typing for work. I am reading many, so i'll look at anything on offer, but I may not comment, just back. ;)

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Anything by Dashiell Hammett
Anything by Douglas Adams
Anything by John Wyndham
The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher

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http://sites.google.com/site/rosemartland/     http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=

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my books

Game Misconduct

Jeff Rose-Martland

What would you do if your country was invaded?

Set against a backdrop of current news stories, Game Misconduct follows the daily lives of seven Canadians in five separate cities. Each has their own problems, challenges, and goals. They live their lives in the shadow of the Stars and Stripes, searching for pride in their homeland, until the unthinkable happens. America invades. Winner of the 2005 Percy Janes First Novel award "This story is a clever and funny spoof on how news covers world events... fascinating and fun to read... an exciting and well-paced novel." - Helen Peters


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Hi, Better Living Through Death? Wanna check out GOING OUT IN S....

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I wrote 1447 days ago

I'm here for the finding, not the development. A hearty hello is great. view book

I wrote 1448 days ago

This is a well-built plot; you obviously know your subject very well. Your dialogue can use some work in places: at times, the lines from the supporting characters are a little too pat, a little cliched. This is not unusualy since we often do not devote as much care to minors characters. Main CH ... view book

I wrote 1500 days ago

Thanks for the notes Frank. However, your disbelief of the plot is perhaps misplaced. All the newsstories in these samples are derrived from actual reports in 2003-03. During the Iraq invasion, relations between Canada and the US were at an al-time low and I think Bush would have invaded if h... view book

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