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Hello, I want to greet you now that you have stumbled unto my profile. I love to write books, articles, and poetry. I also love to paint--it is one of my passions.

I was born in Kazakhstan, lived until my teens in Russia and then immigrated to United States. I hold Bachelors of Art, double majoring in Computer Science, Higher Math and minoring in Art.

I love nature walks, spending time with my friends, who are my mom and my sister, going to the Myrtle Beach and shopping.

I want to introduce you to three of my books. Two are from the series of Shoshanna, The Battle: Encountering Supernatural and Captivity. Return to Eternity is a story of its own and is to be read separately.

If you read, rate and comment--I will automatically do the same for you.

For more information, go to http://www.alexandramahanaim.com/About.asp.

favourite books

Let It Go by TD Jakes
Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
Breaking Intimidation by John Bevere
Bible in various versions
Russian poets like Sergey Esenin and Alexander Pushkin
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

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my books

Matters of the Heart: Poetry B....

Alexandra Mahanaim

O, speak, the muse, your magic use! Speak on the matters of the heart, reveal my joys and blues...

The Rhyme on Failed Marriage is the longest poem in this poetry book. It is made of 3,655 words and is written in the manner of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It delves into painful moments of my life: physical abuse, mental abuse, adultery, miscarriages, bankruptcies, and divorce. Here is a sample:

“He pushed me up next to the wall,
By neck my body haul
I couldn’t talk or breathe—
He brought me to my knees…”

But my favorite poem is The Cleft of the Rock: retelling of the Song of Solomon with a twist. There are two sonnets that are inspired by Return to Eternity: Adultery and Will Surprise and Arise. Surprise and Arise is motivated by Allan Edgar Poe's Annabel Lee. One of the poems is written in the style of Tennyson's Bugle Song: Dying. It is the retelling of the car incident with a ‘drunk hunk’. Some of the posted is a free verse that captures my emotions. I believe one of the strongest of its kind is In Dust and Ashes. I have posted my poems in chronological order following the Rhyme on Failed Marriage. Hope you enjoy!


Return to Eternity

Alexandra Mahanaim

Symbolic approach to creation—a story of love and heartbreak

Two wayward wives: one evil, one easily influenced and hurt.
The Lord that works on making the world a better place.
Heylel, an angel who stands in opposition.
Seventy protectors who fail in their duties…
Magical creatures, dragons, and angels that take you places…
What do they all have in common?
They all want to be loved—but what will some do to get it?


Shoshanna, Book 2: Captivity

Alexandra Mahanaim

Living battling supernatural world is a dangerous ground and Alexandra is walking it alone discovering that she slowly makes her progress yet captivity is inevitable.

In the workplace, at home, on the streets: Alexandra's battle becomes intense to the point of sickness. Stress is too much and her thyroid gland, the butterfly on the inside, breaks. She tries to explain what is happening to others yet they cannot help. Her world starts to fall apart: constant battles weary her out, another miscarriage takes her to the edge, financial bankruptcy is inevitable and her relationship with husband deteriorates. Alexandra feels attacks even in at church. Even encounters no longer help: if her first encounter was heaven, the last one is a total hell. The hedge of protection of her being is being broken into: her spiritual sensors are at the peak, she hears demons and invisible people. Is that what Christian life should be? What is wrong with her? Yet she is strong enough to keep herself under the submission to God and demonic does not get its total control no matter how hard they try to break her. Yet she is avenged by the Lord and comes to the point of being grateful in the midst of her trials which gives her hope for breakthrough.


Shoshanna, Book 1: Encounterin....

Alexandra Mahanaim

A fiction based on the true story of a young woman who sought spiritual deliverance by exorcism in a modern Charismatic church setting.

Alexandra suffers from inner demons that teach her magic in vivid and realistic dreams. She comes to the point of suicide which is stopped by the phone call of the estranged childhood friend who tells her of so-called encounters where Alexandra can meet God face to face. Desperate for help, Alexandra decides to either meet with God or to submit herself to the devil. Alexandra travels across the country where she is introduced to a totally new concept of worshiping God. Immersed into the supernatural, Alexandra finally meets with both her inner demons that speak out and with the power of God that chases them away. Cleansed and empowered by the experience, Alexandra goes head on into the Charismatic style of living and worship. Biblical passages now speak into her everyday life. She attends special meetings and conferences. She gets answers from the Lord and starts to fight the demonic world head on which brings her to the place of vulnerability or Peniel.


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