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hi i am a single parent of 3 great kids, i am a happy person and always look on the bright side of life.............
my book is about my life, living 2 lives as an asian and domestic violence and mental abuse in my marriage.

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my fave books are by joan lingard
across the barricades
12th of july
and by virginia andrews flowers in the attic

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Hi my name is Farin I am 43, separated with three kids. This is a story about my life; what it was like growing up as a young Asian Muslim girl in the 1980s. What a culture shock I had when I first went to Pakistan and how I ended getting married which was arranged, and had my fairy tale wedding. That’s where the fairy tale ends and problems start. How people change so much just because the relationship has changed. It is also about how the domestic violence came about and how difficult it was to get up and leave. Due to all the stress from the marriage I have a lot of medical problems. I have had a Catheter Ablation which means I had a faulty node burnt off in my heart to stop it going fast I have had slipped disc, and at that time I couldn’t stand or walk and has left me with nerve damage pain in my left leg all the time. I have hearing problems, asthma and fibromyalgia to name a few.


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Lenny Banks wrote 547 days ago

Hi Farhet, On 25th May 12 I uploaded my book on Authonomy to see what....

mdws77 wrote 551 days ago

Thank you very much for supporting my novel in the past. I would l....

mdws77 wrote 582 days ago

As one of my previous backers, I would like to give you the last oppo....

ubulord wrote 585 days ago

"The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale" is a book with o....

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Thanks for your support Farhet. Also; check it out on Facebook: ....

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I wrote 672 days ago

hi thanks of course i dont mind and msot people who go to pakistan go for a holiday and only see the nice parts view book

I wrote 686 days ago

hi can u plz back my book emmotional baggage thanks! view book

I wrote 686 days ago

hi can u plz read my book emmotional baggage view book

I wrote 702 days ago

thanks so much wil be making those changes once i have gone through it. took 7 yrs bcus sometimes the pain was all too raw. view book

I wrote 713 days ago

wow its great what i have read my 10 year old son would love it! view book

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