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Lives in Massachusetts, USA.

I've been enjoying meeting several new people on authonomy, and am encouraged and take great solace in seeing so many hard-working and determined writers out there.

I also would like to thank Cara Gold ("The Awakening: Dawn of Destruction") for her help in editing my book, "Human Black Box".

I've just uploaded the first few chapters of my latest, "dirt". I'm not jumping ship on "Human Black Box", but would love feedback on my current work all the same.

favourite books

All Nabokov and Raymond Carver, most Updike, some of: T.C. Boyle, John Irving, Tom Perotta, Richard Russo and the like. Weakness for Lee Child, Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston, John Sanford.

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Collin Tobin

No one ever said the road to redemption couldn't be underground.

For as long as he can remember, forty-year-old Thad Jaggenschweif has been the family’s eternal black sheep. Since dropping out of high school, he’s been adrift for decades. After finishing a ten month prison term at Walpole Penitentiary for possession with intent to distribute, his options are limited. So when his older brother—a successful civil engineer, the parent’s eternal golden child, and husband to the beautiful Marissa—unexpectedly begs Thad to come home, he surprises everyone, including himself, and agrees.

He expects a chance to understand where and why his life had gone so wrong. He expects a chance to redeem himself. But he doesn't expect his brother to blackmail him into digging a seventy yard tunnel, originating from his childhood basement. And he doesn’t expect his sister-in-law Marissa to attempt to seduce him at every opportunity.

But what he least expects is that his only path to redemption has long since been determined, and it lies at the end of the tunnel.


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tone099 wrote 44 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Maevesleibhin wrote 233 days ago

Dear Collin, Now that Jessup and the Teleporter has been teleported ....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 366 days ago

Collin, You might want to click on www.scribd.com/dloganw whereby Da....

D. S. Hale wrote 408 days ago

This is it! The grand finale, the grand push!! After much hard work....

D. S. Hale wrote 440 days ago

If you could back my book and 6 stars would be awesome!!! Thanks! W....

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I wrote 673 days ago

Hi Phil- Thanks for the invite to read your book. I believe you have a nice, gripping, and almost cinematic start to your story with the prologue. Without reading further, I can't know, but I do wonder what's held back the powerful Biehl for so long, in tracking down the Demon Pendant. Especia... view book

I wrote 686 days ago

Hi KJ- Very much enjoyed reading this. Your nice ranking and high stars are self-evident. I read the first four chapters, but I have hope that Roman is headed for a revelation. He is a difficult person, of course, to like immediately. He's very self-involved and the reader can understand how peop... view book

I wrote 699 days ago

Just finished the first two chapters of "Einstein's Road Trip". I think you've nearly cornered the market on quirky characters. It did not take very long for Gilles to appeal to this reader. I like his' penchant for counting, numbers, and his close observations of the world. At first, I wasn'... view book

I wrote 721 days ago

Hi Cas- Thanks for the opportunity to read. You start off with a nicely gripping and intriguing introduction with the tape player (feels like an aftermath scene, starting from the backside of a story's full circle). You're a very visual writer, which serves you well. Very often poetic in your de... view book

I wrote 729 days ago

Sharda, I'm so glad I took the time to read through your first three chapters. You are clearly a careful, thoughtful, nuanced writer. Your writing exudes authority and confidence, and that produces a story that's extremely easy on the eyes. What an enviable, gripping start. Right away, and throu... view book

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