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about me

Born and raised in Venezuela from Italian immigrants, I completed a BA degree in Political and Administrative Cs. before moving to the US.

Although I have built a career as a Business Analyst / Accountant, I have also kept myself active as a Freelance writer in the US.

A little note about myself...

I started writing my thoughts in Spanish in a diary when living in Venezuela at 13. But it wasn't until after College at 24 that I took it out of the notebook, and into an old 1930 typewriter given to me by my mother (she knew I love old stuff).

At that time I had a Potter's studio. I divided my time between playing with Clay and poetry writing until I decided to follow my parents to the US.

A month after arriving in Florida I met my husband getting married a year later. Since then we have lived in Rome - Italy for one year, California for three years, Florida for ten years and now Texas, growing into a family of four with our two beautiful girls.

I never stopped writing while building a life. I just switched the language and went digital through the years.

Whispered to yourself...I was told a long time ago, and I did. I whisper to myself when I write, my dreams, ideas, life...

By publishing I wish to share my thoughts and maybe inspire others to dream and whisper to themselves too.


favourite books

Ilussions By Richard Bach
Don Camilo series by Guareschi
The Five people you meet in Heaven By Mitch Albom
The Talisman By Stephen King and Peter Straub
The Heart of a Boy By Edmondo De Amicis
Letter to a child Never Born By Oriana Fallaci
Il Postino By Antonio Skameta
...the list goes on and on...

my websites


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my books

Innocent War

Susan Violante

Innocent War (book 1 of a series), presents a child’s Innocent point of view through his adventures during WWII's. (2009 Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention)

It was 1940, the dawn of Italy’s World War II for the Italian Colonies of Libya. Nino woke up to his regular routine; but by the end of the day, his life will have changed into a nightmare; an adventure through Nino’s eyes.

Innocent War is a boy’s adventure, showing a child’s point of view through the war’s hardships, dangers, and tragedies, combined with his own humor, innocence and awakening as he grows up. It is part of a fictional series based on Historical facts experienced by the real life Nino.


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I wrote 1814 days ago

Hi Janvier, Love your book so far. You have an amazing talent with dialog! I agree with the previous comment...a movie should follow! Still backed by me! Susan view book

I wrote 1814 days ago

Hi there, Thank you for your comment and support! I read the first chapter and was pulled in right away. This type of read is more for my husband than me, but your writing style pulled me in anyway...well done! I am backing it and hope my husban will pick it out of the bookstores soon! Regards, s... view book

I wrote 1814 days ago

Thank you Janvier, I intended to read yours as well, as your pitch did interest me, but my computer crashed last week. Can hardly wait to read it this weekend! Thanks again for your support! Susan view book

I wrote 1814 days ago

Sorry, it took me so long to reply, My computer crashed last week, and have not been able to log in long enough. Your comment made my day, Thank you so much for your support! Susan view book

I wrote 1814 days ago

Sorry I didn't reply before...computer crash, but it is all fixed now. Thank you for your comment and support! Susan view book

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