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There once was a pretty young writer
Who thought that the future looked brighter
When a wicked man said
As commissioning Ed
I feel that your 'prose' should be tighter.

Please be aware that LuvsikPuppy is a pseudonym. She writes Erotic Flash Fiction and Short Stories with a comic edge.

She is not to be taken too seriously, but please remember there is a real person behind the avatar - so don't be unpleasant.

Any more details would also be fictional.

For professional reasons I am unable to repost my collection of Erotica at present. I am here for the reading, for my special friends and for the craic.

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Splinker wrote 15 days ago

Now you tell me.

KirkH wrote 16 days ago

How did you get pics of Splinker on your .. mm, mm????

judoman wrote 34 days ago

Hi Long time no see / speak I hope all is well Dean :)

Splinker wrote 36 days ago

Hi. It's me again. First, a very heartfelt thank you for putting "T....

Splinker wrote 38 days ago

Wow! Long time, no see stranger. So much has happened since you left....

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I wrote 560 days ago

Hi there, As promised, I stopped by to read this. Only had time for the first chapter - it's sweet and sad. I think most people have felt the pain of a lost love at some point. I can empathise with your MC. It can be impossible to make love to someone if your heart and mind are set on someone el... view book

I wrote 651 days ago

Oh, I love this. The thought of travelling instantly from one location to another, and saving the world and all that wonderful swashbuckling stuff! Very exciting stuff - the ballroom scene and the fight scene are especially well done in terms of detail. xx view book

I wrote 652 days ago

So you had 99 comments and I thought, I just have to make it 100. This is getting better every time I look at it. (Which is pretty frequently). Your opening is more dynamic now. Having read all of it, I know how important it is to get these crucial points in place at the start as they have a bearin... view book

I wrote 959 days ago

This is a strong piece of work. It is well-structured and thought-provoking. I have read the opening chapters so far and will return to read more as time permits. You capture the mood of today's society well. I shall hold back on commenting further until I have read more, but in due course I hope to... view book

I wrote 964 days ago

OK - you know I'm a fan of your writing, but reading this again today, it occurred to me that I haven't properly commented on Authonomy before - so here goes: As time goes by your writing and storytelling skills have become stronger. This is building beautifully and is exactly the sort of story I... view book

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