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My name is Kelly, and I am a Welsh author with two novels published on Amazon.

I started writing the Rise of the New Bloods series in 2011, two of which are now available on Amazon. The Rise of The New Bloods, Dark Beginnings, and Darkness Rising.

I am currently working on two other novels at the moment, Nyctophilia, and Lumi which is the third book in the New Bloods series. Both are currently on here as works in progress.

I love vampire fiction, and Dracula is my all time favourite novel.

I've uploaded Halloween Town my new novella. It hasn't been edited yet. It's still a work in progress and would welcome some opinions on what I have so far.

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favourite books

The Lord of The Rings

Anything by

James Herbert
Sylvia Plath
Dylan Thomas

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The Rise of The New Bloods. Fr....


The world still believes they are a myth, but unbeknown to them there are vampires masquerading as humans.

The last clan of vampires have lived in Scandinavia for the last 200 years. They have now been forced out of hiding to protect the only thing that shields them from the sun, an ancient Egyptian relic called the Ankh.

Jyrki is forced to leave his home to protect the Ankh, however upon his return he finds his family murdered. Their bodies turning to ashes under the suns hot rays. The only one left of his kind, he must now venture into the outside world, and is forced to control and conceal his true identity.


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I wrote 246 days ago

Hiya I have read the first chapter and I must say I instantly took a liking to this story. You write very well, and I like how the story unfolds slowly. Lucien is quite mysterious and this is a good thing as it keeps the reader hooked. I will back this, and read some more. Hope you will get this ... view book

I wrote 501 days ago

Hiya, Just read the three chapters and I love it. Personally I hate prologues, I always skip them. I would've preferred to had been thrown into the action at the point where Michael and Chloe get out of the car, but that's my preference. Then I would've added the background info in with regar... view book

I wrote 518 days ago

Hi, Wow! This is a wonderful story. I am so impressed with your writing and descriptive work. It's gripping and fast, maybe a little too fast but overall I throughly enjoyed it and I have backed it. Good Luck Kelly view book

I wrote 735 days ago

Oh and PLEASE post some more:) kelly view book

I wrote 735 days ago

Hi, When I saw this this story was about Elvis Presley I just had to read it, being a huge fan. I really love the premise of this story, I think it has so much potential. My only one complaint is, could there be more show than tell in the beginning. I will back as soon as I have shelf space:) G... view book

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