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BHS (Brian Hamilton Stanley)

I'm an aspiring author and Japanese culture enthusiast who dearly wants to expand his reading audience.

Three years ago, I opened the website Tasakeru.com and began uploading chapters of my original fantasy series, in an effort to raise interest. As of this writing, I've completed six of twenty-four books, and the site has registered nearly 40,000 total pageviews.

My dream is to build a world that's as compelling and fascinating as the ones that my favorite writers, artists, and directors have created... a fictional universe that people can get lost in.

favourite books

Redwall series, Brian Jacques; Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling; To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee; Young Wizards series, Diane Duane; Artemis Fowl series, Eoin Colfer; The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, Douglas Adams

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my books

Tasakeru, Book III: Soulsnatch....

BHS (Brian Hamilton Stanley)

In the third book of Tasakeru, a sadistic monster born from the broken body of an Outcast wolf goes on a horrific rampage through Sankami.

The third book of Tasakeru, by Brian Stanley. Not all of those exiled to Tasakeru are heroic or misunderstood... a few become Outcasts for very good reason. Such a sentient arrives one summer night, intent on nothing but satisfying his twisted desires. When he is caught in the act and dealt a mortal blow, the young wolf undergoes a terrifying transformation into something not quite alive and not quite dead. Taking on a new name and a mission of vengeance, the creature called "the Soulsnatcher" carves a swath of destruction and violence through Sankami, in search of blood and souls. The other Outcasts must band together to stop this seemingly indestructible foe, with assistance from both the militant church of the Silver Order, and from the most mysterious Outcast of them all: the ancient white wolf known as Drake Who Walks Alone.


Tasakeru, Book II: Eternity Aw....

BHS (Brian Hamilton Stanley)

In this second book of Tasakeru, Faun discovers an ancient secret hidden in the desert: a survivor of a lost race.

The second book of Tasakeru, by Brian Stanley.

What secrets lie within the sands of Kamen Desert? Faun Reinaka doesn't care; the only thing that concerns her is the priceless relics inside the ancient edifice buried there... stealing just a few of them will make her rich. But what she finds is far stranger: a survivor of an ancient, extinct race that once ruled Sankami. The survivor strikes a deal with the vixen: in exchange for a source of great magic, he promises wealth beyond her wildest dreams. However, to do so, she must betray the trust of her fellow Outcasts... will her greed or her friendship win out in the end?


Tasakeru, Book I: Without a Na....

BHS (Brian Hamilton Stanley)

This is the story of another Earth, where humans have never existed. Sentient mammals live in conflict, and Outcasts will save the world...

This is the story of an Earth devoid of humankind. In man’s place, animals have risen to form their own societies and cultures, some of which mirror those of humans, and others of which are entirely different. On a lonely island somewhere in the vast ocean, eight mammal species have reached a fragile truce after centuries of war. However, to keep the peace, those that go against their species’ customs are exiled to the uncharted wilderness called Tasakeru.

Forgotten by the world, their names are unknown to all. But in time, they will become critical to the survival of their people, their homes, and everything that they know.

And one day, they will be whispered of as legends…

These are the tales of the Outcasts of Tasakeru.

This is their story.

An original young-adult fantasy adventure by Brian Stanley, the first book in a series of twenty-four. More can be found at http://tasakeru.com


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I wrote 724 days ago

I'm going to put more time into reading and critiquing this later, but right off the bat I have to say I *love* your opening and narration. Your protagonist has a very distinct, snappy voice that immediately pulls me in. I can't wait to read more. view book

I wrote 733 days ago

I'm glad you noticed that! Well done! view book

I wrote 733 days ago

I hope the conclusion was worth the wait! Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate the feedback. view book

I wrote 733 days ago

Ha ha, that's the plan, eventually! I'll let you know about that cut once I get published. ;) Thanks for your comments! view book

I wrote 733 days ago

Thank you for your comments! The rest of the first book is up now, as are four out of five chapters of the second. More will be posted over the next few days, but if you can't wait until then, please feel free to visit http://tasakeru.com for the rest. view book

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