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52, married with three children and four motorbikes.

One of my Short Stories has been selected for publication in May 2011, by Pushing Out The Boat - an anthology produced in Aberdeen.

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The Strathbungo Cellists

Calum Stewart

Aulay Mackay has changed after seven years away from Glasgow. So has Shaz, who stayed.

Aulay's been ordered to infiltrate The Polmadie, a Glasgow drug gang. Shaz is the gang leader's lawyer, which makes things awkward. When another gang invade the city and Shaz is threatened, Aulay has to make choices. Some work, others don't.

The first five chapters.


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ndaye wrote 921 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

ndaye wrote 921 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

Jesse Powell wrote 1001 days ago

I write women's adventure. Men, fear not, I do not drown my heroine's....

j.l. wood-miller wrote 1072 days ago

Hello Mr. Stewart: “An Unfinished Innocence” explores adulterous a....

DeLuca wrote 1121 days ago

Hi Calum I hope you’re doing well. You may have already heard my l....

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I wrote 1135 days ago

I like the ‘voice’ you have going here. Your MC is not righteous - make no mistakes - hero of too many things I’ve read here. He ‘sounds’ like a man who just got out of prison. Seven years – only mention ‘7’ once – it’s enough - conceal any kind of weapon – v.good And Lisa Green opened her ... view book

I wrote 1135 days ago

This rolls along – I sometimes had to stop and think what you meant - a tad wordy here and there... eg’s A town with a name like that had no identity – Nowhere or Halfway ? - anyway – what is a town’s identity ? You over use ‘just – still – such - seem’ – a word used to force the reader to g... view book

I wrote 1136 days ago

The opening is important – the reason someone will read on – there are a few flaws with this ... The two sisters were in bloom and flaunting themselves, both moons – they were called ‘moon’ – if you mean breasts – 4 moons – is this fantasy and are we on another planet – not sure ??? Now – we h... view book

I wrote 1136 days ago

- not a big fan of ‘that & had & has’... ruins the flow...eg It really is remarkable that it has been about for so long... It really is remarkable, it’s been about for so long... ...who think that the absolute purpose ...who think the absolute purpose Every single person – thought you me... view book

I wrote 1138 days ago

I’m a fan of – it’s – not - it is – there’s – not – there is. You start this with ‘I’ve’ then drift... – pick one method then stick with it – it’s – it’s how people ‘speak’. Your opening paragraph... 2 x all day – 4 x day(s) – & the reader is given the same information twice. Oh My God! Imagin... view book

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