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Dear Authonomy members, The Last Dream has now been removed from this site due to a commited Publishing contract. I would like to thank each and every one of you who have contributed toward making this dream a reality.

I will of course visit the site from time to time, and wish you all the very best.

Remember it is possible to get noticed on Authonomy, so keep up your spirits and continue with your work......

Anything is possible when one dares to dream.

Best of luck

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Josephine O Brien wrote 42 days ago

This is just a quick not to say thank you for continuing to support S....

Andrewallen82 wrote 55 days ago

Thank you so much for the support, I truly appreciate it. Andrew

Andrewallen82 wrote 55 days ago

Hey I see you like my friends book Infinity Lost, and thought you wou....

S.Harrison wrote 86 days ago

Thank you for backing Infinity Despinas! I need all the help I can ge....

Sam Barclay wrote 87 days ago

Hi Helen, How has it gone with 'The last Dream'? I was going to....

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I wrote 988 days ago

Brilliant pitch..... Great opening, best of luck Helen view book

I wrote 1014 days ago

Dear Bryan, I'm always happy to support a new writer...... Your pitch draws the reader, unfortunately due to lack of time, I am unable to invest more time in your work, but wish you the best of success on Authonomy. Great work, backed with pleasure Helen view book

I wrote 1029 days ago

Hi Shadowchime, I thought your work was amazing..... Whilst I'm unable to to invest more time in your manuscript, I believe from the pitch alone it displays great potential. I wish you the best of luck Backed with pleasure Helen view book

I wrote 1042 days ago

The Sex Stone of Agassia is one of the most amazing pieces of work, if not the best, I have had the pleasure of reading on this site. I'm so passionate about this one in fact, that should it not be published when it gets to the ED, that I will lose all faith in HC. Richard you're an amazing writer... view book

I wrote 1282 days ago

Brilliant. Backed Helen The Last Dream view book

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