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I am a Public Accountant , CEO of an Electronic High- technology company. I like to play guitar, to read several books and, of course, to write.

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I like to read many genres, from "Paradise Lost" of John Milton to "The wrong man" of John Katzenbach.
I´d like to share with all of you that my book "A tale of Tyrannosauruses" is available in paperback and kindle formats at amazon.com
Hope to hear news from you.
Thank you for your kind support!

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A tale of Tyrannosauruses and ....

Carl Cupper

A family of T- Rex decide searching a new refuge, and face fierce velociraptors that look forward revenge

An intense drought forces Titanus, the father of a family of Tyrannosauruses Rex to go north in search of a new refuge. During the trip, the family witness the rising of the Rocky Mountains, volcanic eruptions, births of rivers and other natural marvels.

On the way, they face fierce velociraptors that look forward to revenge, after one of them is hurt in a struggle with Rexy, the older son of Titanus.

However, after an incredible cosmic event, the family must continue its way northwards, still far from the safety of their new refuge in Yellowstone.

Will the tyrannosauruses reach their target? Will the velociraptors fulfill their threat of revenge?

In a tale of Tyrannosauruses, the author not only narrates us the adventure, but reminds us of our responsibilities to Mother Nature. With his accustomed narrative and agile and simple style, the author takes us, as always, to a surprising and unexpected end.

I´m glad to informe that my book 'A Tale of Tyrannosauruses' in Kindle edition and paperback is available at Amazon.com and Createspace.com
I hope you enjoy it.
Thank you for all your kind support.


The Siege

Carl Cupper

Philip Donaway, out-standing lawyer and Senator of New York, is suddenly besieged by a mysterious man.

Philip Donaway, out-standing lawyer and Senator of New York, is suddenly besieged by a mysterious man, but he ignores who is behind the macabre messages that he receives and of the mysterious voice that constantly calls to his phone.

After a brilliant defense that he will carry out of a criminal, accused of besieging several women, years before, Philip would reach the presidency of the lawyers' office that his father will found, but the price that he will pay for it will lead him know the darkest side of the man and of himself.

Suspecting on his opponents, Philip appeals to Stanley White, ancient agent of the FBI and veteran of the war of the Persian Gulf, in order to catch his harassing one, but something goes out wrong.

The Siege is a novel that will keep you in continuous suspense and it will incite you to discover, on your own, the criminal who is behind the harassment of which is victim the Senator.

With the characteristic style of the author, you will face a completely unexpected end and, perhaps, you will begin to suspect in those calls that nobody answers at the other side of the phone.


The Secret of the Dragon - The....

Carl Cupper

Califax has to carry out the mission to finding the Sacred Chalice and saving his own town from the wrath of his god.

Being a young dragon, Califax is chosen by the Court of Dragonia to carry out a dangerous mission: To find the Chalice of Life. With it, he will try to save his own town from the wrath of the god Helion, whose prophecies are outlined briefly in the Sacred Papyruses of the Region of Fire. Very soon will made reality.

With the aid of his friend, Hayex, a likeable Celtic gargoyle, he will travel across Great Britain, Europe and The Middle East of Seventh Century.

Deciphering numerous riddles that a magician proposes to him, he will have to find the Chalice drawing for many dangers and penetrating in unfathomable and dark labyrinths, but he will have to go pass inadvertent for the men, since his ancestors failed in this mission because of them, to being confused with the very same Lucifer.

However, only a man can activate the power of the Chalice to whom Califax will have to give it.
Nevertheless, Califax ignores that behind the walls of the Palace a secret has kept jealously during centuries; a secret that he will only be able to know until concluding his dangerous mission.


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I am Jack's failure to follow his own 6th and 8th commandment. 1: ....

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I wrote 856 days ago

Dear Lee, Thank you very much for your kind comments about my book. I really appreciate it a lot. As I said before, I looking for open the " knowledge appetite" of my readers so they discover by their own more about these fascinating animals. The best for you! Carl view book

I wrote 1074 days ago

Hello Mr. Nom, Thank you very much for your kind comment about my book. I informe you that this book, as well others of myself, is already in the marketplace in paperback and Kindle edition in amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/tale-tyrannosauruses-sixty-million/dp/1453723013/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid... view book

I wrote 1173 days ago

Dear Walden, Thank you very much for your kind comments about my book. Yes, I think it could be a good story to introduce to the childrens to Paleontology as well as the History. Best wishes Carl Cupper A tale of Tyrannosauruses view book

I wrote 1247 days ago

Dear David, Thank you your kind comments. I see that you gave the task of analyzing my book, and I really appreciate it a lot. It has not been my intention to leave 'blank holes', as you has suggested. For example in the case of 'how can he run.. ' rather I want to narrate about the question... view book

I wrote 1375 days ago

Dear Colin, Thank you for your kind comment. I´ll take your advice in count.¨Thank you for back my book. Best regards Carl Cupper A tale of tyrannosauruses QUOTE] Engagingly written. I wonder if, for your intended audience, you need some early dialogue to help paint the characters for the r... view book

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