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I left school at fourteen and worked on an 800 acre dairy farm until the age of twenty one.
At present i care for fourteen lovely girls, all over the age of 80 !
Of gypsy origin, I have two beautiful traveller children, an English Bull Terrier and Jack Russell.

I can be contacted at : rosaliwebb@hotmail.co.uk

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Jedder's Land, the Life of P.T. Barnum, Lovely Green Eyes, Wuthering Heights, Very Special People, Chang and Eng.

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I wrote 1502 days ago

Richard Apologies for late commenting on your very sophisticated work. Read a couple of earlier chapters and chapter 12, which I have to say, was done so well I could envisage everything. Clever piece of writing, stunning settings. Should imagine this can only persist do well on the desk. All the b... view book

I wrote 1506 days ago

Gabriel This is well written and polished and sails along nicely. Flicked on to chapter 10 after reading one and two and found the same articulate writing following through and the same rounded storyline emerging. Backed. Rosali Fieldtrip to Mars view book

I wrote 1507 days ago

D. This is different, a welcome change actually. Easy to read and entertaining. The script is so fast you can only sweep along in the same style, which I did, and read four chapters. Well done. Backed. Rosali Fieldtrip to Mars view book

I wrote 1508 days ago

Marissa Sensed the humour in this, with young Scarlet scurrying along trying to find Baker St. She reminded me of a young Helena Bonham Carter. Good characterisation, atmospherics, etc. Will do well. Backed. Rosali Fieldtrip to Mars view book

I wrote 1508 days ago

Shalini This is different. I loved the idea of the ghost, and the little group of evacuees. The beginning with the frogs was like an amusing opening to a series. The disorientation of the Jimmy going to the country was done well. Altogether great piece for YA. Backed. Rosali Fieldtrip to Mars view book

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