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I am a retired police officer, who went on to work wih the United Nations in Bosnia, Kosovo, Mongolia and the Western Sahara. I then ran a successful private investigation company, before turning my hand to writing.
I am married and I live in Cheshire

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1984 - George Orwell
David Copperfield - Charles Dickens
The Counte of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas
Anything by C. J. Sansom

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Based on a real event- a young policeman gets involved with the wife of a drug dealer who then mysteriously disappears.

A young policeman (Bryn Lawton) is reluctantly stationed in a remote Welsh village. He is an outsider. He is unhappy in his life. He meets and strikes up a relationship with a visitor (Fiona Henley) who's husband is a violent London drug-dealer. Bryn's life spirals out of control when, whilst driving home drunk one evening he believes he knocked down and killed a girl. the only witness is Fiona's husband. So, now under the cosh Bryn is forced to assist in various drug related things, such as distroying evidence and setting up the competition. One evening he visits Fiona and hears her having an arguement with her husband so he sneaks away - hearing the sound of him hitting her as he does so. The following morning her husband reports Fiona missing. A couple of weeks later Bryn is called to the home of a recluse who lives in the forest. He finds the man dead and on searching the hovel he discovers Fiona's favourite coat, her 'tiger coat'. The recluse has a madman brother who has recently escaped - was he the killer and not her husband?? Bryn has to wait ten years to get the answers.


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Nathan Maki wrote 510 days ago

Hi there! I'm not sure if I had told you already, but my book "A....

jack hudson wrote 761 days ago

Take a look at my profile and tell me if you want to correspond. jack....

love4044 wrote 823 days ago

Hi, I am Vera! please how are you! hope you are fine and in perfect ....

Alonwi Carrovella wrote 876 days ago

Dear Tony, I haven't been on authonomy for a while. What a pleasa....

Alonwi Carrovella wrote 876 days ago

Dear Tony, I haven't been on authonomy for a while. What a pleasa....

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I wrote 1102 days ago

Love the book - now half way through - will do the critique thing when I have finished but yiou have a great style and your characters show you have a love for the period. If you get time please would you take a look at my humble offering called the Tiger Coat Cheers Tony view book

I wrote 1106 days ago

Read the first couple of chapters - I am enjoying it. It is so out of the ordinary and like someone aleady said it is an unusual take on the genre. I am backing the book and I will be back to finish it Tony Can I be cheeky and ask you to take a look at 'The Tiger Coat' and offer your opinions T view book

I wrote 1106 days ago

I just finished your book - couldn't put it down - it had everything I like even from a subjecy type i usually avoid but having read the comments I had to try it. Great writing - and deserves a much wider audience. Tony view book

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