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Bertrand Russell, the British Philosopher and mathematician, has written that many people think they are thinking when, in fact, they are just rearranging their prejudices.

I dreamed once of making St Peters the finest Oxford College when I arrived in 1981. We were bottom of the academic Norrington table. The student joke at the time was ' If you are not clever enough to get into Oxford University, you can always apply to St Peters.'

I believe in the Universe of John Mayward Keynes, Sir Alec Cairncross (Keynes successor and a former master of St Peter's) in the universe of Professor at St Peter's. To my friend Christine Greenhalgh ( recently retired Economics Professor at St Peter's) Tim Mason and Karl Marx for history and Baroness Shirley Williams, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair for politics.


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No Compatibility.

Daniel Thomas Mann

When the existentialists arrived, freewill was truly mastered, the consequences reverberated, shockingly and unwittingly into the most poignant time in history,
the Big Bang.

No Compatibility is a philosophical inquiry
into the human condition using the metaphor of
the vertical upright and horizontal crossbar.It contrasts
the linear, episodic and time locked view most of us have
i.e. a beginning and end, overeating or face starvation,
procreation of the species and sleeping and waking.

Males and females, live and die, eat and starve, sleep and
wake up, complementing the paradoxical interlock,
on all four sides of the building. The theme of the story
concentrates on four individuals within a community.
Existentialism becomes the dominant force, they have
freewill, choosing not to conform to the conflicting
styles, and the all powerful building that controls


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Daniel, what a wonderful message. You brought tears to my eyes. Thank....

Patricia Laster wrote 21 days ago

Hi, Daniel - just thinking about you and hoping all is well. fondly,....

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