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like a coconut
I grew from a speck
on a speck of a planet

I clung to life
in the embrace
of leaves and the sun

I won through,
weathered the winds
and turned wooden

a restless soul
sloshed softly within
the dark confines

like a coconut
I had my fate
I was taken, opened

and emptied
a shell remained
in two neat halves

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Andrew Hughes wrote 26 days ago

Cheers, I hope you can get things sorted.

Tillerman wrote 27 days ago

Thank you for replying :-) Hopefully it'll get there now. Chris

Andrew Hughes wrote 30 days ago

Hi Patryk, You might remember my book ‘The Morning Drop’ reached t....

Tillerman wrote 33 days ago

Very true, not many people do have time to be bored nowdays... so the....

Tillerman wrote 33 days ago

Hello Stray, Please don't think this is spam, because it's not. We....

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I wrote 67 days ago

I've read the first chapter and found there's everything here to entertain the reader. For one, the pace is both quick and allows for convincing and rich setting of the scene. The characters feel alive, each being peculiar in some way, and the environment instantly stands out as late 19th century Pa... view book

I wrote 70 days ago

Hey there, here for a return read of the first chapter. On the whole the intro works well, easing the reader into the story, slowly at the start and then the chapter rounds off with a very dynamic scene, leaving us wondering and interested to find out what's next. You had my attention throughout ... view book

I wrote 132 days ago

I've seen your name in several places lately and it led me here. I've read the entire upload. It was a very easy and quick read. The flow of it is really smooth for the most part and the voice of your protagonist is genuine from the very start. I actually read the first few paragraphs in an offha... view book

I wrote 135 days ago

I've read the prologue and the first five chapters and my, but it's been a splendid read! The story is rich and hinting at more riches to be revealed later on. The fact that Maia's father is running for world presidency is itself bound to resonate throughout the plot, not to mention the family's ... view book

I wrote 139 days ago

Your pitches intrigued me and I liked your book cover much, so here goes my feedback based on your first four authonomy chapters (I also skimmed through chapter five). Let me start by saying that The Child of Heaven is a story not meant for a reader like me, and that's for two major reasons that ... view book

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