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written 779 days ago

This is the kind of thing I really enjoy reading. Having read detective and espionage fiction all my life, it's great to come across something different, more down to earth; I find it far easier to identify with characters who don't drive Aston Martins or shoot people before breakfast.

I'm also old enough and grumpy enough to understand exactly what happens to people, at least internally, when they've had a bellyful of the world around them. Thus far, I've read chapters one to six and suspect I may be back for more.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy a copy of this - I wish you the very best of luck with it. view book

written 1310 days ago

From the moment I started reading this, I knew I would read all that was available. And I did. And I was not disappointed.

Now I'd like to read more please. I am willing to beg.

True Love 1 - Seroxat 0. As for fate, well, I don't want to spoil it for anyone else.

I normally sign off by wishing the author luck. This one just needs a publisher. view book

written 1311 days ago

So enticing, I read all of it. Hopefully that statement will speak for itself.

Chapter 11 appeared twice on the same page and there are one or two other, minor formatting problems, but those are just minor irritations for the author (they certainly didn't spoil my enjoyment).

Good luck with it. view book

written 1341 days ago

Loved the newspaper personalities - slightly glad there didn't seem to be a character called Star! I looked at the pictures on paperbats.com too - they made me chuckle. Shame there weren't more of them.
I still have a couple of Elisabeth Beresford paperbacks from childhood; I passed them on to my son, but sadly he gave up on them after failing to find a power switch or USB port.
I wish you all the best - five to eight is a good market to catch them before they discover computer games. view book

written 1362 days ago

The writing is so fluid and the scenes and characters so well painted, I read the first three chapters without blinking. I found a subtle suspense in the scene with the truck driver and the man in the long coat - a feeling something terrible was going to happen and no clear idea where it came from. As with all good writing, it simply left me wanting more - I'll certainly do my best to return and have some soon. Glory is a fantastic character and I want to know what happens to her. Best of luck. view book

written 1362 days ago

In truth, I wasn't sure I'd like this - I'm usually more interested in contemporary stories. However, I already love the characters here (don't know if I should refer to them as such, seeing as they existed). The imagery was fantastic, I felt the cold of the prospector and the frustration of the writer who needs to be left in peace. And it certainly isn't difficult to see why Jack would be attracted to Charmian. Thoroughly readable and engaging - to the point where I may even pick up the copy of White Fang I bought thirty years ago and never read. Good luck. view book

written 1362 days ago

After reading your prologue, I knew I was in for a sprawling tale. I must confess that I wondered if I would be able to keep up with the split time-line, but having read two chapters I can say it wasn't a problem. The imagery of the separate locations was fantastic - I felt as if I was actually there.

The story is ambitious, but does not disappoint - only the fact that I've started halfway through keeps me from reading on. Given the length and complexity, I would much prefer to be able to read a paper copy; I find that far more relaxing and am more able to concentrate on a paperback than a computer screen. To that end, I can only say I hope you get it published - this is exactly the kind of book I read.

There were one or two small niggles I spotted, and I hope you don't mind me pointing them out: in chapter (4), where he visits Lesley, you tell us about her amber perfume three or four times and the fact she has hazel eyes, more than once. References to The Sun newspaper look a little awkward when referred to as "today's the Sun" (this is possibly simply a personal preference), but might look better if described as the Sun newspaper or just "Sun" in italics. I know from experience how easy it is for all these things to occur, and I know you're still editing and have quite possibly spotted them anyway.

Things like that, despite being an annoyance to the writer (I know full-well myself), are easy to correct albeit time-consuming. Having said all that, I want to see this in print, it's suitably different, well written and has something to say beyond crime committed, crime investigated, crime solved (insert explosions, car chases and emotionless love-scenes where applicable). I wish you all the best with it, consider it backed. view book

written 1365 days ago

I've just read your first three chapters and really enjoyed them. The characters were strong, interesting and believable. Small strands of their individual lives were neatly brought closer together in what I read, but left more than enough to demand further reading.

The descriptions of Savannah were well executed and enticing; a vivid depiction of the environment was perfectly pitched. The atmosphere created was ripe and fresh with intrigue leaving only one question in my mind: what happens next? view book

written 1367 days ago

I've just had a very enjoyable afternoon reading all ten chapters. This is one of the most original pieces I've read on the site: humorous - The disappointment of Mr & Mrs Hitler (Snr); and very touching - "That is me." The writing flows, the storyline is compelling and engaging from the outset.

Tiny threads give a glimpse into the lives of other characters, but is always interesting and never in a way which confuses or detracts from the plot. Really, really, great stuff. view book

written 1369 days ago

Having read the first three chapters, I only want to know one thing: why can't I take the paperback copy out into the garden and finish it? Someone tell me why?

Backed, no hesitation. I demand to know what happens and this shrewd bugger has failed to post the whole thing. Love it. view book

written 1372 days ago

You've got me. That's a really interesting start. I say interesting, not because I can't think of anything else, or because I'm being polite; you've captured my imagination and given me something really different to read.

Great characters, thought-provoking back-story, imaginative setting. I want more. view book