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Like you, I write. The quality of which is an ongoing topic of interest between my imaginary friends and I.

favourite books

In no particular order:
Haruki Murakami - (Japanese or English) Everything he's written
Kurt Vonnegut "Slaughterhouse 5" - so it goes...
Tom Robbins "Still Life With Woodpecker" and everything else by him.
Christopher Moore "Lamb" Ditto: All of his stuff too.
Chuck Palahniuk "Invisible Monsters" Yup. All of it.
Dean Koontz: Anything from the Frankenstein series.
Love old school Fantasy i.e., Jordan, Tolkien, Feist, Donaldson.
Also, there will always be a special place on my bookshelf for King's two biggies, 'The Stand' and 'Under the Dome'.

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my books


Gerald D. Johnston

Years ago, a book took Avery hostage. With the aid of a thief searching for redemption, another book may set him free.

Since high school, Avery Last has never been more than half a step ahead of the horrors which haunt his sleep. After hopelessly praying for years for release from this torment, a chance encounter with a self-proclaimed saviour, who he knows only as Mystery, leads him on a dark and bloody quest that promises to quiet his demons and put his past to rest. Like any journey, the path to true enlightenment begins with the first step. Avery’s first step is murder.


Dropcloth Angels

Gerald D. Johnston

He came,
He sawed,
He ate.

All that are left behind of the victims are their heads, placed together with the painted angels, rendered in the victim’s own blood. The acts, captured on video, are sent elsewhere… Now Zoe Beaupre, a hooker with an imaginary monkey and sister of the serial killer’s latest conquest, must band together with a mismatched posse of saviors in order to bring him down. Little does Zoe know, but the deeper into the madman’s world they trek, more and more is revealed about snuff films…and Gideon, the puppet master who will stop at nothing to see her dead.

In a world where vile acts are measured on a sliding scale and sorted for later consumption, sometimes it’s good to be a little bad.


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WiSpY wrote 39 days ago

It's like I made this for you ... http://authonomy.com/forums/thre....

Ted Cross wrote 74 days ago

Hey Gerald, I don't see your name around much anymore, though I could....

Poppygb1415 wrote 85 days ago

Palahnuik, Murakami, Koontz.... Well, me too, absolutely. Though I do....

Cruse wrote 87 days ago

Gerald! Don't hear from you for ages and then , BAM: you back my sto....

fidelia20 wrote 103 days ago

Greeting From Fidelia How are you doing today.I hope fine,my name ....

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I wrote 528 days ago

I read all six chapters and was disappointed when I came to the first chapter, repeated as number 7. I think this is great. The narrative voice is very strong, and the descriptions of the house, the recurring serpent theme, and the surrounding grounds, are all great. The plot moves forward in an... view book

I wrote 724 days ago

Hi Dave. Considering your taste in literature, I knew I'd enjoy this. Our styles are similar. There's not much to say, other than the fact that I really like the story so far, and will be reading on. I've previously read the first five (before I backed), but reread them plus the next five. You mingl... view book

I wrote 740 days ago

Mari, I love the narrative voice of this piece. I recently finished a book by Chuck Palahniuk, called Damned. In it, he masterfully created the world of a 13yr-old girl as she found her way through Hell. Not the same, but you made me believe the voice. You sold me. By the end of the first chapter (o... view book

I wrote 847 days ago

For anyone reading: I plan to change all the portions of mc dialogue to having quotes - or at least be in italics . It seemed to fit better at first, but after a few comments regarding Avery's dialogue, I guess I'll need to switch it up. I don't want something like lack of quotes to be a stumbling ... view book

I wrote 1057 days ago

Fantastic, Ted. Great characters, intriguing plot, and every chapter-ending so far made me want to flip on to the next. First, I wanted to give a nod to how you've established and blended the used technologies within the story: it's tough to do, but I had no problem following any of it as the st... view book

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