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The Prince and The Pirate

Shannon Edwards

When torn between two men, how does a woman choose who she wants to be?

After being kidnapped and shot, Madison finds herself ready to hide away from the stress and limelight from being an international hostage story. But when the man who shot her walks back into her life, she finds herself torn between two worlds and, if possible, two loves. Torn between a world of defined expectations and a world of freedom, she must determine who she can trust. Madison must decide on the woman she is and whether she could love a prince or a pirate.



Shannon Edwards

In a world that survives on rules and order, one woman's journey will challenge the beliefs of a generation.

Fresh water is gone. Wars, pollution, and overpopulation have stretched the world to its breaking point. In an effort to preserve peace and the future of the human race, all the government's of the world have agreed to a 25 year ban on procreation. For twenty five years, no children will be born. To achieve its goals, government has regulated all work, food, and distribution of water for all its citizens. Six years since the enforcement of the ban, Evelyn discovers a secret that threatens to destroy the delicate balance between a future for the citizens of the world or assured extinction. Will she be able to keep this secret or will it destroy her and the world she has always known?


My Juliet

Shannon Edwards

The first time he saw her, she was naked.

Genevieve and Derek were the types whose paths would never cross without a perfect alignment of the stars, or in this case, a hotel computer crash. When they meet they begin a fantasy whirlwind of love and passion until a misunderstanding brings them back to reality. Now a regular girl has to brave the media scrutiny of the celebrity lifestyle, complete with the scandals and attention that sells papers. Can Genevieve accept the pressures of Derek's life or will Derek sacrifice his career for love?


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T.Edwards wrote 644 days ago

I need your help. Im not trying to get my book into the top 5, but I ....

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Melissa Koehler wrote 658 days ago

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I wrote 446 days ago

Please be patient with chapter one...there is still some research and editing that needs to be done with that chapter specifically but none of the book has been through an edit yet. Will reload chapters as I do. view book

I wrote 660 days ago

I have read a few chapters and have a few comments. I like the prologue and how it builds up that there is a big event that happens and how it involves all the characters that you are about to introduce us to but I feel that the writing could do with another round of edits. There were quite a few ... view book

I wrote 883 days ago

The only issue I had was sometimes I got lost in who was speaking what sentence. The references to the speaker are separated just enough to cause me to have to back track once or twice to determine who made which comment. Beyond that I find it to be a very interesting read so far. Will read on. view book

I wrote 889 days ago

Just wanted to leave a quick comment as I am starting to read this book. I am Catholic and while I knew at heart this church service was not a Catholic service, I still felt that it was something I could connect with and that says a lot about your writing. Having never been married or lost a husba... view book

I wrote 894 days ago

Thank you every one for the comments, they are definitely helping me. Bear with me as I am editing and putting up more chapters. This is my first writing experience and I think once I get through editing the chapters I have, I will go back and re-edit the first few. **rewritten chapter two up ... view book

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