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Before taking up writing full time I was a nurse and midwife and am also a mother of four grown up children. I also have a wonderful husband who supports my writing habit. I've always liked words and believed that they have the power to harm or to heal and so I try to write both novels and poetry that bring healing to the heart.

Thanks to my husband for the photograph and design of my bookcover.

Chasing the Wind is now available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chasing-Wind-Aurora-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B008QE1GI2/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1343675317&sr=1-

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Chasing the Wind

Gill Wyatt

What drives a man to hate his own son, and can that son survive his young adult years without the love of his father?

It is 1969, at the height of the English folk revival, and Robert Barron, known to his friends as Bobby, bursts onto the scene at his local art college. He is a brilliant folk guitarist and a talented artist, but he is driven by a desperate need for his father’s love.

All Bobby's efforts to win his father's approval fail and their relationship descends into increasing violence as Bobby seeks solace in alcohol and drugs. Bobby's father has secrets, things that Bobby doesn't know that would help to make sense of the animosity between them.

Bobby meets and falls in love with Jodie, a free spirit who has overcome obstacles in her own life. Initially Jodie resists Bobby's advances. Rumours are rife about his violent relationship with his father and Jodie is a little afraid of him.

When Bobby is introduced to Jodie's granddad, he knows that they have met before, a vague memory, deeply hidden in his past.. Jodie's granddad is a wise sage who steers Bobby through many crises, but can he rescue him when violent memories threaten his sanity, or will Bobby forever be chasing the wind?


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I wrote 426 days ago

This book flows beautifully which makes it a dream to read. I feel that I know your characters because they are true to life. It also seems well researched as it has lovely little details. I only had time to read the first four chapters but loved what I've read. I've given it high stars and have ba... view book

I wrote 427 days ago

Hi Kim, I love this story and am going to put it on my shelf. You tell a great tale and I really felt that I got to know your characters quickly. There is just one thing I would alter and I've sent that to you in a private message. Great work with the book. Best Wishes Gill view book

I wrote 792 days ago

This isn't my usual kind of book but I really enjoyed what I read of it. You have a unique, musical voice which suits the genre well. I've star-rated and backed it. view book

I wrote 854 days ago

This hooks me from the start. I only had time to read the first chapter but it's well written and I love your descriptions and dialogue. Think that long paragraph could be divided up a bit though as it is a little off-putting. That said, I've backed this and highly star-rated it. Gill view book

I wrote 866 days ago

This is truly funny and promises to get funnier yet. The competition between the grandmothers for who had the worst pain, was hysterical, so true to life. You certainly capture the obsessive character so well and I loved the way the adults perceived it. I've highly star-rated this and backed it too... view book

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