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A writer of all genres of fiction and non-fiction, published both on the web and in print. Also a student with The Writers Bureau, studying a Comprehensive Creative Writing Course.

Thank you to everyone who helped to get my now completed novel, Sally of Spring Row, to the desk and many thanks to Bradley Wind for the book cover.

I may soon be uploading another book I'm working on.

Unfortunately, I must reject friend requests as my news feed becomes clogged up.

Contact me at: emmahornby1@live.co.uk

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Far too many to mention.

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Sally of Spring Row

Emma Hornby

October 1853. Sally must do whatever it takes to escape her husband and protect her child -- whatever the cost.

Spring Row, a dismal row of cottages nestled in the heart of Bolton in Lancashire, has been Sally's prison since being forced to move there from the workhouse as a young girl. That was when Joseph Goden selected her as his wife. A drunkard and bully, Joseph rules his wife with a rod of iron, using threats and fists to keep her in check.

When Sally goes into labour, Joseph's actions spark a series of unexpected events, enabling Sally to escape him at last. But she must strive to overcome these changes if she and her child are to stay together -- and survive.

After hearing that Joseph is threatening to claim their son out of revenge, Sally must flee Spring Row in search of her only living relative and forge a new life for herself and her son amidst the squalor and belching chimneys of Victorian Manchester. With the constant threat of being discovered by Joseph, who will stop at nothing to find her, Sally must fight with every ounce of strength and wit she has to protect herself and her son -- and finally be with the man who truly loves her...


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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 4 days ago

Emma, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its full ....

Lindsay Cross wrote 4 days ago

Hi Just wanted to introduce myself and see if you would like to do a....

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I wrote 79 days ago

Hello, Izabelle, and welcome to the site. I stumbled upon this and was immediately intrigued. I love programmes on hoarding and have never come across a memoir-type book on this subject before. I have to say, this didn't disappoint. It's extremely well written. My only regret was getting to chapt... view book

I wrote 146 days ago

Alison, I loved this the first time I read it and love it even more now. You've done a fantastic job with this opening chapter. Matthew is a great character, really vivid and believable. The scene with Alice and the woman in Hannah's cottage was gripping; your descriptions of her horrible image are ... view book

I wrote 179 days ago

Hello, Craig. What a delightful book; I wish I'd read this sooner. This is a very fresh idea you have, here. Tree people in search of the sun - brilliant. You have a fantastic imagination. The descriptions of the tree folk, their surroundings, everything is well thought out and vividly portrayed - g... view book

I wrote 231 days ago

Stumbled upon this and really enjoyed it. You've written this in a very clever, quirky style and the sprinkles of humour work very well; I smiled throughout most of it. Robots with haircuts -- ha! On my shelf at the next shuffle. Highly starred for now and all the best with this. Well done. view book

I wrote 243 days ago

Clear, concise writing, here, Tottie. Always a pleasure. I flew through the chapters but have to confess, midway through chapter five, I had to stop. Reading of the ordeals suffered by your mother were just too much for me, I'm afraid. In my opinion, I think either toning down on the details or a... view book

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