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I am pIeased to say that The Wisdom of Sage has been published under my own name [Simon Cole] as an ebook.


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In no particular order, anything by:
David Lodge
Graham Greene
Evelyn Waugh
P.D. James (only some)
Dick Francis
Len Deighton
John le Carre (only some)
Robert Harris
Jack Higgins
Ian Rankin
Ted Allbeury
Michael Connelly
Andrew Roberts
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Ken Follett
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The Wisdom of Sage

Simon Cole

A humorous, picaresque and sometimes disconcerting, romp through life and loves of a young bastard expelled from art school. Quintessentially English.

QUENTIN SAGE’s life is humdrum, routine. An art college dropout, he is working in a firm decorating religious tracts sold in developing countries.
His partner JANE has her first exhibition coming up and is moving towards artistic success, which exacerbates his discontent.
In New York we meet MARTIN PHILLIPS, Sage’s father, who has signed up a pop group with which he plans to make his fortune.
Martin is a rogue and a chancer, but this characteristic enables him to make the wherewithal eventually to provide for his bastard son’s salvation.
Sage is accidentally booked for kerb crawling. Then staying with a friend makes him aware that people in a conventional family are no happier than himself. He sets off to travel.
Martin has a drugs crisis with his group, and Sage turns to religions in Istanbul. Jane is painting from the head for profit; Sage finds he is painting from the heart. He is discovering his true self through a fusion of art and religion
Ready for editing, set in indeterminate present, it could be changed to eighties. Synopsis at 'Chap.33'. To be followed by Middle Sage and Sage in Old Age


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Adam Thurstman wrote 667 days ago

Hi Simon If you have time I'd be ever so grateful if you could ple....

Casimir Greenfield wrote 674 days ago

Cas Greenfield: writer, broadcaster, musician, artist Hi Brendan -....

Liam Jay Brown wrote 742 days ago

Hello, My name is Liam Jay Brown. After losing all of my backings al....

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( My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

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( My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

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I wrote 1346 days ago

Thank you very much view book

I wrote 1349 days ago

Nicole -- Thank you for your very helpful comments. Brendan view book

I wrote 1423 days ago

Thank you for your kind comment. I am working on my second novel, but I so love the characters in The Wisdom of Sage if I get a publisher I shall suggest a sequel. view book

I wrote 1429 days ago

You asked me to comment, and I will. I regret there is a market for this sort of book, but I am pleased to say I am just not part of it. It reads rather like present-day BBC comedy output; mainly noise and profanity as a substitute for sublety and wit. The characterisation is good, but it reads rat... view book

I wrote 1430 days ago

Thank you very much both for your encouragement, and you detailed read. view book

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