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I am Walt Sautter. I have taught chemistry and physics for forty years and am have been retired for nine years. Additionally, I coached wrestling for seventeen years. I have been married to for thirty- nine years and have two children.
All of this has absolutely nothing to do with my writing! Here’s what does.
When I was still teaching, many times I heard complaints from my colleagues in the English department about the poor writing skills of their students. Many times, these comments were voiced in an arrogant, condescending tone and that always bothered me. I felt if they all knew how to write well, then they wouldn’t need a teacher. It was the teacher’s job to help improve their skills, not continually complain about them.
I was frequently tempted to reply with “Well what have you written?” Of course I never did, because I feared their possible reply, “You haven’t written anything either?”
That thought became my motivation to write “The Three Dollar Phoenix” just so I could answer their anticipated retort with, “Yes I have, I’ve written a book!”
After I finished “The Three Dollar Phoenix”, I found that I really enjoyed writing and continued to write. Thus, my additional four books came in to being. I hope you enjoy them.
I have placed an evaluation / review form on my website under "Contact". If you read one of my books please fill out the form (even if it's a bad review).
You can see my videos at:

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The Three Dollar Phoenix


Could it have happened? Or did it really happen? Answer these questions for yourself after you’ve read "The Three Dollar Phoenix".

Doctor Ed Bennett meets with an old college buddy and his life is changes forever. He abandons his work at his urban health clinic and embarks on a mission that requires him to confront powerful people. This sports related mystery will keep you turning the pages (electronically of course). Do good guys always win? Do bad guys always lose? Read "The Three Dollar Phoenix" and you decide.




“Coach” takes place in a small, rural , football town in mid the nineteen fifties.

It is the story of the town, the high school football coach and his players.The town’s people and his players idolize Coach. To be a football player for Coach is the ambition of every Highburg boy. But, things happen in Highburg and not good things!


The Divine Comedy MMIX


Yes! JC is back! "What would Jesus do?" That is the question that is to be answered. This time things are different.

Hiring the help isn't as easy as it used to be. It's not that simple to get good apostles these days! Political correctness and modern culture make things tough on the old messiah. Even the miracles have their problems. And, of course, his old nemesis is constantly popping up to make it even more difficult. The Divine Comedy MMIX Irreligious Humor in Five Acts “He’s back and it just ain’t the same!” “If you don’t laugh out loud, I’ll give you your money back! Oops, I forgot, it’s FREE!”


Fish Farm


When Tyron collapsed it took Jack’s career and his pension with it. and he seeks revenge. An ending that is sure to startle you!

When Tyron collapsed it took Jack’s career and his pension with it. He just knew, deep inside, that the company’s demise was orchestrated by the CEO, James Wheeler and that Wheeler had made off with millions. The thirst for revenge boiled incessantly in Jack’s belly until he finally came up with his vengeful scheme and the courage to carry it out! If you can predict the ending you can have the book for free! Oops, I forgot, it's free anyway!


Sticks - A Golfer's Tale


"Sticks" - The ultimate golf fantasy.

Bob Andrews, the book's central character has just bought a new set of golf clubs and he expects big things to happen to his game! And big things do happen, but not what he expects!
When you read "Sticks" you won't believe what happens - but maybe - you'll just want to believe!


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