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Musician, DJ and writer, to varying levels of competence and generally no real level of professionalism. However, 'Under Construction', a short story featuring Simon Sayes (the protagonist of 'Blood Sports') has been accepted for publication in 'The Trigger Reflex', an upcoming anthology from Pill Hill Press, about which I am quite thoroughly chuffed.
Also has a real job.
Likes cats.

Further info:
- I won't back your book just because you've backed mine (athough I'll thank you profusely). Interpersonal politics wearies me. I'll back it because I think your book is good and because I want to see it published. Feedback is just as valuable to me though, and something I'm prepared to offer in exchange.

- The 'real job' I refer to above is working in a homeless hostel. It's fascinating, exciting, scary (o hai, samurai sword), mind-numbingly tedious (o hai, Housing Benefit paperwork), uplifting and depressing in turn. I've seen more 'real life' in the last seven years than a lot of people will see in their lives. This means than when I read, I want escapism. I want magic, adventure, explosions, giant robots, dragons, that sort of thing. I'm not looking for autobiographies or something with 'gritty realism', because I work with 'gritty realism' everyday. Asking me to read such a work is likely to be just a waste of your time.

favourite books

The Dresden Files
The Lord Of The Rings
A Song Of Ice And Fire
Len Deighton's Bernard Samson novels
Joe Abercrombie's novels

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Mike Brooks

In the late 21st Century there are two Londons, Old London and New London. Kyle Devos is in trouble in both...

The second Great Recession of the 21st Century killed off the government. Spiralling public debt crippled it. Taxes were slashed repeatedly in a vain attempt to appeal to voters until, with no funds, the government had no authority and no power. Now most laws have been repealed or ignored, and the only authority is that of pure, unrestrained capitalism. The corporations rule supreme with their own currencies, own private security firms and own codes of conduct. Someone's stolen some files from the Endeavour Business Partnership. This wouldn't concern Kyle Devos, a sixteen year-old wireboy who makes his living stealing copper from abandoned buildings, except that a wounded man has thrust the device containing them into his hands. Then members of the Blue Water Security firm came around the corner and killed all his crew, and would have killed him too if the leader of a rival gang hadn't acted to save her own neck and inadvertently saved his as well. Now he's on the run through both Londons with a girl called Jolena he doesn't know and certainly doesn't trust, trying to find a way to avoid being killed for something he hasn't even read...


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I wrote 919 days ago

I have very little to say about this chapter other than comment on how good it is :) Very well-written, an excellent portrait of the city and of the desperate lives of the people who live there. view book

I wrote 930 days ago

When do we get more!? view book

I wrote 931 days ago

This sounds like a very interesting premise, and I like the introduction and the footnotes (I'm a big Pratchett fan, you see). However, I struggled in Chapter Two with some of the writing. - "Sunday was not a usual day for Daniel to be in the bookstore he worked the rest of the week" is a very co... view book

I wrote 944 days ago

I think Ana 'stares' too much at the start, it's used twice in too quick succession to my mind. Also, I'd suggest some explanation that when Ejan says 'Run' that he's also running. It becomes clear on the next line, but if you threw in something like 'suiting actions to words' it just clarifies thin... view book

I wrote 947 days ago

Really not sure about the weird dream thing at the start of chapter five. This might well be because I don't generally like dream sequences, but it seems as though the dream might have some actual relationship to events in the 'real' world judging by the hand print on her face. I'm not sure how I fe... view book

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