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Need a cover designed for your book? I can help you for an unbeatable price. Shoot me a note for more info/a look at my portfolio!


(Please also note: there is no sense randomly pitching your book to me. My watchlist and shelf are both constantly on overflow from the works I find myself and the interactions I seek, and returning the support of those who support me. Thank you.)

I am a fantasy/young-adult novelist, as well as a freelance writer and artist. I do what I like, and I like what I do! My fingers are crooked now from the abuse of so many handwritten manuscripts. I am eager to explore the works of other obscure authors trying to make their way out there, and am very excited to be a part of this community.

I have studied Child Development and Multimedia, and worked as an Au Pair for numerous families with young children. I also have a love for horses. I have owned an Arabian for going on ten years now, although I am at long last looking for a new home for him; I am engaged to the love of my life - my Pilot fiance Dom - and we will soon be off into the wild blue yonder of the ranks of the Air Force. Unfortunately not a very horse-as-a-pet friendly environment. (If anyone happens to be interested in adopting a lovely equine, I have one up for grabs looking for a good home.)

In the realms of art, I mostly draw and photomanipulate. I do some free-hand digital painting. It was never my original intention, but I've found myself sought out when people that I know find themselves in the market for custom tattoos. It's pretty special to see your art immortalized that way.

I grew up homeschooled and graduated highschool when I was 16. I wanted to be a stunt double - and could have been, supported by a past as a gymnast - but I had too many voices in my head, and decided to dedicate my life to unleashing them onto paper and letting the characters in my books do all the swashbuckling for me.

I have a darling beloved kitty named Serena, but I call her Moo. It always seemed like a logical alternative.

I love poetic writing, and get blown away by writers who really know their metaphors and can just flesh the heck out of something in every profound way in and out of the book, but you can pique my interest with any story that is unique, or intrigue me with an array of outside-the-box thinking. I love ideas.

I like to people-watch. I like to analyze. And then I like to blow things way out of proportion and create.

Chances are, if you make an impression on me, you'll end up in one of my books. Somehow. Somewhere. Your face in a photograph, your tone in a sentence, a word from your vocabulary throwing something into sharp light. I can't promise to do you justice, but I can tell you that you'll inspire me. Everything does.

Nice to meet you all! I look forward to discovering all of the talent that is tucked away here, and hope I will stumble across you. This place has the smell of fate.

favourite books

First Truth
Hidden Truth
Forgotten Truth
Lost truth - by Dawn Cook

Child of the Prophecy - by Juliet Marillier

Crown Duel - by Sherwood Smith

The Name of the Wind - by Patrick Rothfuss

Neverwhere - by Neil Gaiman

Green Rider
First Rider's Call - by Kristen Britain

Wolf Tower
Wolf Star
Wolf Queen
Wolf Wing - by Tanith Lee

Inkheart - by Cornelia Funke

Ella Enchanted - by Gail Carson Levine

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http://www.amazon.com/Harper-Alexander/e/B0037ZL8S     http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Harper-Alexander/

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my books


Harper Alexander

Forsaken. Condemned. Destined.

Scandalously accused of murder in his hometown, Godren is compelled to flee for his innocent life, only to take up crime for survival on the streets. He knew he would have to adapt - but he never meant to adapt so well.

Too late, he learns he has woven a reputation into the interests of corrupt professionals - namely Mastodon, the crime queen of the city. A sorceress of sorts, she has been avoided by the law more than hunted. But bounty hunters are becoming increasingly reckless in character, and, unbound by the particulars of the law, are realizing their capacity to grapple with her.

Due to their evolving nerve, Mastodon has put a price on their own heads. Godren faces a commission of leading a new breed of bounty hunter against the originals. Doomed if he refuses such a ruthless woman her wishes, Godren has little choice but to comply, when all he wants is to escape the injustice of the corrupt world he has been plunged into.

Will there prove to be no honor in survival? Or does fate work in mysterious ways, and do the forsaken still shelter secret ambitions?


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I wrote 1004 days ago

Your writing is eloquent and you set a very interesting stage up front. Good job engaging the reader with a unique perspective right off the bat. Watch your comma usage just a little - there are some places where they shouldn't be, and others where they are lacking. But - engaging and enjoyable :... view book

I wrote 1514 days ago

Your writing is very good - vivid and methodical. I love the paragraph about pooping in chapter two. That was priceless. You are a wonderful storyteller and the story is beloved. I think you have a very promising piece of work here, and would love to see it published and on shelves. Great job a... view book

I wrote 1514 days ago

I love these! They are delightful and endearing. I kept catching myself grinning at the phrasing. (I must admit I was sad about poor Spot getting wood stuck in his throat, but it was a delightful story all the same!) Love the one about the owl. I will read the rest when time permits! Definitel... view book

I wrote 1514 days ago

I wasn't sure that I would, but I actually like this opening much better. It paints a much better picture, and actually clarifies some things that I hadn't realized were unclear to me. Very beautiful - good edit. I'll pick up the rest of it when I can! Harper Alexander Bounty view book

I wrote 1516 days ago

Good storytelling. I enjoyed how, once into the story, the main character would say something and then her dual personality would put in something else. I was very taken with that. Also, you have the most beautiful analogy sometimes... For example: "...as the checkmarks fell like rain..." I lov... view book

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