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RULE # 1: I'll read your book if I like. And I'll let u know if I do.

I call myself X. Because nobody knows me. I can be an enigma. I am----
Okay cut the nonsense, my name is Sovannah in real life. And I write and read like way too much, reading novels is my obession. (By the way, I am totally a Dekker fan, if you havn't entered the world of Ted Dekker, I suggest you do. Seriously, you can't even call your self a novel reader unless you've read Dekker fiction.)

My other obsession is writing. My book, Conqueror, was first conspired by a very dear friend of mine but the more I've been writing, the more it comes from my heart, my life, my visions. It's an obsession. I've spent over three years on four different manuscripts for this story, and finally got the guts to put it on the web.

RULE #2: I don't like. I don't back.

What do I write?
I write of the past, the present and the future. Battles between good and evil in all thr3e. I write of emotionally conflicted characters that are left with no choice but to dive head long out of the "box." It's almost paranormal- kay just check it out if u want to know.

RULE #3: I'll see if I have one reason to back your book and I'll let Rule #2 slide.

Another thing; Am I a Christian? Yes and no. I guess it sort of depends what the word "Christian" means to you if you catch my drift. Well I'd like to say with all the pride in my heart that I'm a follower of God- you know the Three but One kind of thing--Elohim.
But that don't make me bogus, mind you. I don't fancy myself as a religious Christian though. The mere word Christian is to dull for the exciting twists and turns of the adventure of the "Game" I play in. But then again serving God is more than a "Game" ain't it? Has a certain ring to it, don't you think? Last of all I'm an artist.
Okay I have to stop my rambling. I hope you enjoy my story. And any comment or support would be helpful :)

favourite books

[Wendy Alec- Son of Perdition, Messiah-First Judgement, Fall of Lucifer]
[Ted Dekker- Black, Red, White, Green;
Kiss, Burn;
Boneman's Daughters, Bride Collector, Priest's Graveyard;
Adam; Skin; Renegade; Lunatic; Sinner; Saint
Forbidden-Books of Mortals]
[Frank Peretti-This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness; The Oath; House; The Visitation]
[Bill Myers-Soul Tracker, The Presence]
[Karen Hancock- Legends of the Guardian King series]

{Other authers-
The Shack,
Stolen Identity,
Giants Gen 6,
Twilight Labrynth,
Inside Islam}

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my books

Conqueror; The First Seal


A ferocious war is fought between good and evil, one that decides our very existence. This war begins with one girl . . .

It has been over four hundred years since the Lost Portal of Babel has been breached by the Crown of the Druid Council. Opening our realm to an evil that sought to annihilate humanity since the beginning of time. For four hundred years they carried out the diabolical scheme to rule the world . . .
But a very unlikely person threatens the plot.
Inordinately wealthy tycoon's daughter, Jonah Rachmann is haunted by her mother's tragic death, a death that she has blamed herself for. As things get worse for Jonah, she finds herself in a life of drugs and despair. And caught in the middle of a war between Eloah and the Evil One. For she has been chosen . . .
For in the end of the Era, Eloah chose Five.

Five that the Evil One sought to kill.

Five that Eloah chose to fight the darkness.

Five that Eloah refuses to let go.

And Jonah is one. But she should have died. Three times.
The fate and destiny of the world lies in the choices of an emo teenager.

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I wrote 828 days ago

Shining Dawn- very suspenseful, well thought out plot and a hint of danger lurking on every page. Its obvious that the author has done quite a bit of research. A true work of talent ... Sovannah author of Conqueror view book

I wrote 837 days ago

J.H.F White, i found your book, and saw how its a "supernatural" thriller like mine and so i let it sit on my watchlist for weeks, finally i managed to swallow a chapter or two. By the time i finished the last of chapter 2, you left me spell bound. I'll be back again :) X author of Conqueror view book

I wrote 840 days ago

Hi there! Like i said, even though it took me awhile i still got around to return the read! And wow, i think the preteen audience will most definitely enjoy Jessup & the Teleporter. Jessup is great character, one of those kinds you'll actually connect the name with the book. And u have a good c... view book

I wrote 844 days ago

hey, i saw or "found" your book, the Withering on my WL (but i don't remember putting it there. i think my sister got into my account and cause i got a whole lot of books on my WL that i never watchlisted.) But i read the pitch, and i'm like what the heck, this seems cool and read it. I only read ... view book

I wrote 844 days ago

Derek, as I said- here i am to re-turn the read. Just now I finished two chapters. I like it so far, your writing is smooth and visual. The first chap is very interesting with the old man. It makes the reader wonder . . . the guitar thing is intriguing. I mean- what the heck, your plot is COOL! :) ... view book

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