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about me

I mostly write Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and have recently began trying my hand at scriptwriting.

I edited the short story collection 'Machinations: An anthology of ingenious designs', and have published a few short stories of my own.

Prophecy of Power is the fist novel I've written.

I like to keep my chapters short. They average about 2500 words each.

Thanks to everyone who comments on my work - I really appreciate it.

I haven't been playing here for a while and don't intend to do so in the near future, but will try and check in occasionally.

Essentially, I'm not looking to get onto the editor's desk, but I still think Authonomy is a good place to be.

favourite books

Dune, Magician, Shogun, Clan of the Cave Bear

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my books

Prophecy of Power: Quarry

Chris Andrews

A chance encounter forces Princess Caroline into a prophesied conflict even the Gods can't control.

Cursed and struggling to return home to her comfortable life, Caroline is tricked into an apprenticeship with a master sorcerer. She quickly becomes swept into the perils of uncertain prophecy where a simple journey to collect a sword turns into a race to find the reservoir of the Power of Ages – and the key to preventing war.

Caroline soon discovers she has been given a chance to influence events coursing toward noramgaell - the final clash between the Realms. Unless she finds the courage to keep the the destiny laid out for her there may be no future for her people, but that destiny requires a sacrifice she's unwilling to make.

Prophecy of Power is the first book in a projected four-book saga chronicling the fate of a young girl chosen by the Gods to lead her people through a conflict she never knew existed.


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(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

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What's up? I got a friend looking for support on an awesome book. ....

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Hullo there. I'm still a reader on this site scouting for new authors....

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I wrote 1222 days ago

A strong introduction - plenty of emotion to draw us in. I love a good werewolf story and I'm keen to read on when I get the time. view book

I wrote 1226 days ago

I really enjoyed the clear, fluid style of your writing, and it's always nice to see something set so close to Australia. :-) My only criticism over the first few chapters is that's it quite passive - backward focused, rather than forward. Cheers Chris view book

I wrote 1738 days ago

Random chapter: 19 Hi David. I picked a random chapter (as requested in your comments) and ran with it. The story's solid and I had no trouble picking up on what I'd missed, the details unfolding as needed. Can't really comment on the overall story but you're writing is clear and very readabl... view book

I wrote 1743 days ago

Hi Andrew, Solid intro and first chapter. Your characters are very real and human and I could see the situation unfolding as if it were real. Nitpicks: nothing much really. You could tighten the first chapter a tad and give it a 'button' at the end - something to draw us onto the next chapter, bu... view book

I wrote 1743 days ago

Hi Janvier, Your fantastic opening chapter turned intriguing through the second as you opened the story up. Lots of backstory in the second chapter could be tightened up a bit, but Clement comes through strongly, his flaws a perfect counterpoint to the danger seeping into the story. Good stuff. ... view book

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