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Engineer who just wrote her first book and is trying to learn more about this writing stuff. Big time Sci-Fi nerd.

1) If you do not have to time read my stuff don't ask me to read yours

2) Do not ask for me to put you straight to my bookshelf. I might reading yours if point 1) is taken into consideration.

I am currently looking over 'Non-Compliance' for nits like grammar and spelling. I am not a total moron, just a horrible proofreader.

Non-Compliance has been signed to Kristell Ink Publishing (http://www.kristell-ink.com/) . The finished product will be out soon!

favourite books

Hallows Series
Snow Crash
Water for Elephants
Hunger Games
Foundation Series

On my virtual forever bookshelf:
* Dear Cinderella
* Woman from E.A.R.L
* Solian Chronicals
* Thirteenth Son
* In the Name of Honour
* Anna
* Shiver
* Stones in the Forest

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Maevesleibhin wrote 261 days ago

Miss you Paige!

Robert M. Carter wrote 419 days ago

Thanks for your continued support of Horizons! A new edit is now live....

CGHarris wrote 461 days ago

Hey, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say hi and to tell ....

Jue Shaw wrote 469 days ago

Hi there, I'm desperately trying to drum up some support for my book,....

Ajo Varghese wrote 472 days ago

Hi Paige, I am Ajo, a honor's engineer and entrepreneur . I am here ....

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I wrote 544 days ago

Thanks for your comments on Non-Compliance. I don't come on here much anymore. So it takes me awhile to respond. I read several chapters and I think you have the start to a good story. It reminds me a bit of Arthur C. Clarke a bit like 2001 and Rama. I like speculative science fiction I don't th... view book

I wrote 674 days ago

Cara, I thought I would stop by since I've heard many good things about this story. I only intended to read a few chapters, but I ended up reading the whole thing. It was great. I loved the story and the characters. I have just a few comments. * When we first meet Arian she is introduced as a ... view book

I wrote 724 days ago

Lela, Sorry it took me so long to return the read. I've read up to Chapter 3. At first I wasn't sure about your style of writing, but I think it lent itself to the genre. It really made me feel as though I was in fantsy world, but it wasn't hard to read. So you did a good job with that. I love th... view book

I wrote 738 days ago

Kenneth, I've read the first two chapters so far. It is a face paced easy read. The first chapter begins with a bang and kept me reading. The second chapter was interesting too. I wanted to learn more about Eddie and his family. Good job six stars and I'll be back to read more. view book

I wrote 745 days ago

Maeve, I read the first couple of chapters. I think you have a great story telling style. You manage to be humorous and hold us in suspense. How do you do that? You have some great hook just in the begining. Great job. I'm sending a bunch of stars your way. view book

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