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A 'photo taken from a dream sequence. The author is about to acknowledge yet another literary honour. His speech begins: "There must be some mistake, I've got the Nobel already - they told me I was picking up The Pulitzer P.."

When not dreaming, the facts are: London born, originating in Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland,I lived in France and Belgium. Whilom, Social Work/Housing (Team Manager) with Camden Council, London. Co. Fermanagh, N. Ireland, dweller from 1997. Self styled - Writer & Poet: my poems are regularly published in Forward Press anthologies. One of my short stories - Sister of Mercy - has appeared in the weekly magazine "Ireland's Own". "Queen of the Poor" an historical profile of Angela Burdett-Coutts featured in the magazine "Ireland's Eye." I am Chairman member of Fermanagh Writer's Association.

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favourite books

TREASURE ISLAND - Robert Louis Stevenson & ROBINSON CRUSOE - Daniel Defoe
BIGGLES - series of books - W.E.Johns
THE LEOPARD - Giuseppe di Lampedusa
A MOVEABLE FEAST - Ernest Hemingway
THE DECAMERON - Giovanni Boccaccio
NAUGHT FOR YOUR COMFORT - Trevor Huddlestone

Currently reading: TUESDAYS AT CHARLIES
ISBN 878-1-907530-26-5 Available from: www.booksni.com

Fermanagh Writers have been holed up in a back room of Charlie's Bar, Enniskillen for the past 3 years. Here is the result: a Collection of stories, memoirs and poems from the Northern Ireland county and beyond. Be entertained by pieces as diverse as the Fermanagh Writers themselves. They are funny, moving, reflective, satiric, poetic and thought provoking. Welcome to Charlies at

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Scenes from an Examined Life

Anthony Brady

Wartime. A single woman, pregnant by a married man, leaves home in Ireland. She abandons her baby boy in Westminster Cathedral, Central London.

A priest in a confessional box, hears a baby crying, notices the mother, watching from the shadows. He offers to help, takes her details and promises a visit if she can only, for a few more days, care for her son. Soon a Charity called The Crusade of Rescue arranges fostering. The arrangement breaks down and the boy is placed in a foundling's nursery in Feltham, Middlesex.

When aged five, he is transferred to an orphanage for 150 boys in Enfield, Middlesex, run by nuns called The Daughters of Charity. The boy's mother is discouraged from visiting because she is frighteningly disfigured - caused by a fire when she was girl. The sisters plan to have the child adopted by a family; he is told that his mother is dead and his father died fighting in the Second World War. The boy's story is told in the first person and describes his experiences from 1945-1952. In February 2011, advised by numerous commentators, I substituted an explanatory Prologue with Fragments.

"The past will shape us, but we can choose freedom from the negativity of what happens to us, and foster forgiveness over revenge, hatred and punishment." Kara McKenzie.


"Blaisdon Made Me!"

Anthony Brady

Part 2 Takes the reader to Blaisdon Hall set in a rural part of Gloucestershire close to the Forest of Dean. Kindness replaces cruelty.

The Salesian Fathers & Lay-Brothers run a Trades School in a castle-like baronial mansion set in parks and woodland. Boys learn tailoring, woodwork, metal-work, boot and shoe repairs, horticulture and general farming. They can join a boxing club, Army Cadet force,a brass band and choir. Cross country running and most field sports are organised. Plays and music recitals are performed regularly for the local community. A two month long summer camp under canvas is organised in Porthcawl, Glamorgan, South Wales every year. The author learns basic animal welfare and when 15 years old, is employed as a paid worker on nearby Stud Farm which is owned and managed by the Salesian Order.

He is put in charge of a herd of 500 pigs. The manager, Father Dan Lucey, becomes like a surrogate father to him. Female contact is not encouraged. An Occasion of Sin recalls a suprise revelation of Brenda Davis's feminine charms and "Unsafe in the Arms of Bertie" explores gender curiosity/confusion in the uninvited embraces of Bertie Buckett - prompted by Buttercup - his eccentric cow.

Holidaying in France, the author meets a charismatic Flemish Jesuit priest: he moves to Belgium.



Anthony Brady

Final Part of the trilogy - Scenes from an Examined Life.

The author moves to London from Belgium. Nursing in General, Heart & Chest, Hospice settings lead to a period as a Social Security home visiting officer in East London. In 1973, he is appointed Welfare Administrator in Providence (Row) Night Refuge, Spitalfields (pictured) close to London's financial hub. The Refuge for destitute men and women was founded in 1860: among its users were two of the last victims of Jack The Ripper; author of the poem The Hound of Heaven, Francis Thompson and writers Jack London and George Orwell.

Now an advisor on destitution to the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, he follows his directions to revive the Refuge's declining work. Having gained support from the City financial institutions and helped secure The Refuge's future, the Author returns to the Civil Service in 1980 and is seconded to the 32 London's Borough's joint work for the care and resettlement of homeless people. He retires in 1994.

Experiences with the gangster Kray Twins, The IRA, The SAS, John Profumo, HRH Prince Charles, the Abbé Pierre and London's street homeless form a fascinating series of 14 Scenes. The book is completed with an Epilogue containing views and testimonies by the author's childhood contemporaries.


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