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I'm twenty-five years old. I have been writing since I learned how to write but I started taking writing serious at the age of fifteen. I love reading romance novels and I also love writing love stories. I have published one book already. "Lost Diamond." It was a huge accomplishment for me and I'm very proud of myself.

I only have room for one extra book on my bookshelf. I will rotate that space with whatever books I feel are worthy. I do have my favorites which happens to be by two of my favorite buddies. However, I will put your book on my watch list IF it's something I truly plan to read.

If my book isn't good enough for you to shelf, watch or comment on, PLEASE DO NOT expect me to dedicate my time to helping your book.

You can also visit www.facebook.com/queen87lizzy

favourite books

"Lost Diamond" by Bree Coleman
"Date Night Revenge" by Bree Coleman

All of Eric Jerome Dickey
B-More Careful by Shannon Holmes
All of Sistah Souljah

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RMAWriteNow wrote 270 days ago

It's an illussssssion!!!!! Whooooooooo!

RMAWriteNow wrote 270 days ago

Not bad :)

RMAWriteNow wrote 271 days ago

My names Richard not Scott. But I am great LOL Go to sleep!!!!!!!

Software wrote 272 days ago

Hello Queen87Lizzy, Hope you are well. Maybe you would like to tr....

RMAWriteNow wrote 273 days ago

Thanks, Bree, you're an angel. I really appreciate the comment. I may....

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I wrote 273 days ago

I really love this book. The brother being his sister's keeper really hits home with me. I believe that siblings should take care of each for forever. These rants of parents they had really upset me because kids are innocent. Why take such frustrations out on those kids? I do plan to continue readin... view book

I wrote 625 days ago

Just finished reading chapter 3. You totally made up for the first chapter. OMG I hope and pray you didn't have to go through this in reality. This is so crazy. Idk anything about Cleveland but New Orleans have a lot a crime. None as vicious as this one. CD was an amazing man. Need more like him. ... view book

I wrote 625 days ago

I'll be honest. I love crime and investigations but I got irritated within the first four or so paragraphs. You basically repeated the same paragraphs twice. The only thing you did differently was the wording. I got the point she was the victim in 2006 but why does she have to keep saying it? Especi... view book

I wrote 631 days ago

I've just started reading your book and I'm very entertained. I'm a native of New Orleans so I understand every element of this story. I have backed this book not only because it's about my city but because it's very entertaining and well written. You told the story that a lot of us natives wished w... view book

I wrote 641 days ago

I simply love this book. Awesome writing. Wish I could've read the whole book. Hopefully soon my wish comes true. Thanks Ms. D for wonderful entertainment. view book

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