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I am a wild heathen, a restless native, descended from the those ancient adventuring star-gazers.
Like my ancestors, one of my favorite pass times is experiencing and sharing stories. I started with a bedtime story that became a screenplay, "Huna Magic." Which in turn became this, my first novel.
I wrote "Huna Magic" as a screenplay starring two beautiful and strong young women, best friends, because as a mom, I noticed that even when she is a super hero, the girl is merely the supporting character in adventures.
What does that show our daughters of the limitless possibilities to aspire to? Can they only hope to be a princess? Or her devoted fan? Or merely a supporting sidekick for their man?
I live in Hawai'i Nei with my fantastic daughter, Ku'uleialoha, My Beloved, who is the best part of my life.

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48 Laws of Power, Seductress"Women Who Ravished the World with Their Lost Art of Love, The Secret Life of Plants, Anything by Sharon Green, Robert Aspirin, Piers Anthony...

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Andrew Esposito wrote 621 days ago

Hey Dawn, I went looking for Huna Magic to read the latest version an....

miacia7 wrote 631 days ago

This is my first book, the death of my son gave me the strength to st....

Adam Thurstman wrote 642 days ago


Dr. J wrote 643 days ago

Congratulations! I'm so tickled your delightful book is being publis....

RMAWriteNow wrote 643 days ago

Hi Dawn. How are you? It's just come up on my messages that you've p....

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I wrote 645 days ago

Aloha When I read the prologue, I was like "wow" Very impressed with the writing and drawn in right away to find out what was going on "this cycle" Powerful start. Chapter one slowed down...back story is needed but it went from "wow" to feeling like I'm getting things explained a bit to me. You a... view book

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