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Murder on the Menu

Micheal O'Durcain

Have you ever relaxed after an enjoyable dinner with guests over a few bottles of wine? Then, one of your guests is murdered!

A social dinner is useful for networking according to Chris Dalworth, so he and his partner Ann invite business acquaintances from whom they buy furniture. The table is set for eight and all look forward to a pleasant evening.
Eligible bachelors and attractive women add spice to the occasion..

Everything goes to plan. After dinner, the guests wander happily through the house Chris is slightly drunk but Ann keeps an eye on things.

Suddenly, the unthinkable happens. A guest is found murdered.

Instead of a sociable get-together, the house becomes a crime scene and all but one of the guests are suspects.
The police and CSI team arrive, the guests are interviewed and the crime scene itself is minutely examined.

The scene moves between the houses of the guests, a furniture factory and the local police station. Then one of the guests gets too close to the truth............

This is a clever hudunnit with a touch of comedy and romance thrown in for good measure.


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I wrote 1374 days ago

I love this story as a child we birthed and fed calves. using fingers to get the calf to taste, then drink was a joy, tickling our fingers as they tried to suck them. you have created a beautiful picture backed micheal O'Durcain Murder on the Menu view book

I wrote 1377 days ago

This is a real puzzle. since the oibject of any book is to keep the reader turning the pages you have succeeded beyond measure not only did i have to read alll three chapters but I was dying to know what happened next You are original, layered and an extremely competent story teller Deservedly b... view book

I wrote 1377 days ago

This is the kind of story I would have liked to have written myself Mary, Elanor, Mike, her father, and most of all steve logan Strong charaters distinctly drawn I'm at one with Richard in his love of Tuscany I havent read past chapter 16 when her father arrives so the mystery of who is the murd... view book

I wrote 1380 days ago

Hi I've read and enjoyed the first two stories As you say they are pleasantly clear and simple more importantly they have happy endings As a reader i give great wieight to happy endings Backed with pleasure Micheal O'Durcain Murder on the Menu view book

I wrote 1381 days ago

This extremely well written The dialogue conveys the character of Nathaniel perfectly and its an attractive character, cool, very much in charge In the first two chapters the reader gets a real flavour of the story and its potential the pitch for the book is clever as well Backed Micheal O'Dur... view book

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