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I'm a full time writer from Colorado. My passions include Greek mythology, finding lost shoes, and trying to determine the air speed velocity of the African swallow. Basically, if it's nerdy, I'm into it!

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There's just too many to name. I read anything but true crime and biography. My first loves are YA and Paranormal.

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http://sherryficklin.com/Home_Page.html     http://blog.sherryficklin.com/

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ndaye wrote 926 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

Emerald wrote 1755 days ago

You be the judge! I request you to kindly spend just 15 minutes to....

Bob Avey wrote 1879 days ago

Sherry, I had backed your book, but it somehow came off my shelf. I c....

Heidi Mannan wrote 1880 days ago

Hi Sherry! Thank you so much for backing Turning Red. I've added y....

paul house wrote 1881 days ago

Forgive me if you already have, but is there any chance of you glanci....

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I wrote 1882 days ago

I really like the imagery you use here. The pace is just right and your characters (especially betty) are interesting. I only looked at teh first chapter, but I just loved it! I can't wait to read more! Good luck! view book

I wrote 1882 days ago

Wow, I'm impressed! I looked at the first 3 chapters, and was blown away. Your writing is amazing, and the story is so dark and deep, i fell right into it! I like how your go back and forth between POV's. it's uniquely done, but not confusing. I'll give it a turn on my shelf! Best of luck here in th... view book

I wrote 1882 days ago

What a wonderfuly crafted story! You are on my shelf for sure! Loved it! Good luck! view book

I wrote 1883 days ago

I like the story, but it took some effort to keep reading. Maybe if you put a preface with an excerpt of later action befor ethe first chapter, It'd help lure us in. Just a thought. Your concept is great and your voice is wonderful! I'll put this on my watch list for sure! view book

I wrote 1900 days ago

Wow. Just, wow. Amazing! Loved it! view book

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