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A mother, grandmother, businesswoman and intermittent journalist, I lived in Africa for over half a century. Then I wrote my first book, BREATH OF AFRICA which climbed to the ED and found a publisher in March 2013!
I never thought I'd have the energy to write another, but the momentum did not stop, and here's my second - a novella - complete and ready to be torn to shreds on autho (only joking). It is nothing to do with Africa.
Any feedback and / or support will be appreciated and acknowledged.

PS I've changed the name - to "I Lift Up My Eyes" - a bit more positive, what do you think? And a warning, in case readers might get muddled, in response to a discerning comment from one of you, I've changed a couple of names, too. You now have Duncan instead of Arthur, and John instead of Adam.

favourite books

Books I have read / dipped in over and over, include the Bible, The Complete works of Shelley, and The First Circle by Alexander Solzhenitskin.
Favourite authors are Nicholas Monserrat, Morris West and John le Carre.

I have read and re-read:
Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea
Jim Stovall's The Ultimate Gift
Kahled Hosseini's The Kite Runner
Sebastian Faulks' Birdsong
Frederick Forsyth's Day of the Jackall
Wilbur Smith's River God
Ian McEwan's Enduring Love

And The Life of Pi by Yann Martel made me laugh until my sides ached.

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my books

I Lift Up My Eyes

Jane Bwye

A story about love lost and found, and what can happen in a relationship when serious illness strikes.

Ann is stuck with an ailing husband in a place where she never wanted to be.

She grapples with her conscience and sense of duty. She tries to break free and live her own life, and thinks she's found fulfilment when she meets the crippled Duncan, who at least shows his appreciation for her company. But her problems are compounded.

God seems to be so very far away, her prayers do get answered, but not how Ann expected.


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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 14 hours ago

Jane, How are things with you? I have "The North Korean" in full len....

JonD wrote 16 days ago

Hi Jane, You are welcome, Breath is superb, what I have read, but Am....

tone099 wrote 16 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

fledglingowl wrote 17 days ago

Jane, You were so kind and supportive. Thanks for your kind words an....

elina914 wrote 18 days ago

Jane, you little sweetheart -- Thank you for backing LTC. Am so th....

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I wrote 36 days ago

Reconstruction. Lucy - I take notes as I read, but dont pretend to be an expert. Ch.1. Love your veiled sense of humour, and I dont blame you for the vegetarian excuse. Ch.2. The allegory of the ferryman hits the mark - most effective. But you've left out an awful lot of years. Ch.3. Even more... view book

I wrote 42 days ago

Sticks and Stones. A CLF2 read. A pleasing bright beginning, but do you want nits? I take notes as I read, but dont pretend to be an expert. The first six paragraphs start with 'I'! And there are an awful lot of 'I's in your writing. It begins to pall a bit for the reader. Love that story about t... view book

I wrote 42 days ago

Courage through faith. A CLF2 read. I like the title of your first chapter. Do you want nits? I take notes as I read, but dont pretend to be an e3xpert. That first sentence gets into the action immediately, but then my mind is distracted by the niggling repetitions in your writing, which are worth... view book

I wrote 43 days ago

A Plan Undone. A CLF2 read. Ch.1. Oh my - what a beginning, graphically written, and I must read on. But how old is the narrator? In Ch.1. you seem a mature man; in Ch.2 you're at Sunday school - Oh the first chapter is a prologue! They can be off-putting and disorienting for a reader, although you... view book

I wrote 52 days ago

Dax. An R2G re-read Level 2. Does a boy of Dax'sage really say "What the hell...." even though he's a precocious child? Love your description of the thistles 'set in mounds of coarse-toothed foliage.' Despite all the drama in the Lighthouse, nothing much happens to advance the story in this chap... view book

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