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Hello. Writing is a wonderful tonic I have only recently opened my eyes to. After years of threatening to sit down and have a go at creating a story, I did just that a while back. I find writing such a fine release and very therapeutic

My book characters are really just exaggerated parts of my own psyche. Many years working in my chosen career have assisted in creating the world found in my book.

I live in the wonderful county of Essex with my lovely wife and daughters - and our cat.

If for any reason you would like to contact me I can be found at kevrogers@live.co.uk

Apologies for ditching my friends. The amount of traffic meant I was often losing track of fellow members backing/commenting on my own work.

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Whatever takes my fancy down @ the library

If I don't get back to you for a swap after a couple of days then please remind me - I do lose track on here quite easily.

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Catherine Wheel Alley

Kev Rogers

Career criminals are being slaughtered. D.I. Jenkins must find a deranged killer whilst dealing with an underworld crime lord. Murder has never been so tricky.

One horrific murder follows another. To the outside world the events appear to be nothing more than unconnected incidents. Murder after all is nothing new here.

Business or reasons more shady? Will the chain lead to the head of a huge corporation. Will it be his head on a plate?

D.I. Chris Jenkins is assigned to the murders. He's a man with conflicting issues which may just make the investigation a little akward. Lines become muddied as the body count rises. Why are the associates being viciously killed; Will the actions start a full scale gangland war? The gap between the overworld and underworld clash as the investigation into the events bring the protagonists to a dramatic climax.

Who will be left standing?


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I wrote 1510 days ago

Super work Backed Kev view book

I wrote 1510 days ago

Great writing Backed Kev view book

I wrote 1510 days ago

well written Backed Kev view book

I wrote 1513 days ago

Breath of fresh air - lovely work. Backed Kev view book

I wrote 1513 days ago

Seriously, get this sent off to a publisher - there's something about your work that feels unique. Backed Kev view book

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