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Writing name is John Guillem, I'm a Londoner of mixed background with a longterm interest in being published. For the time being I'm just taking a look around at how things are, and occasionally writing some poetry (I don't take it particularly seriously). I also write screenplays, though it's not exactly my source of earnings.

My writing background is quite intellectual, so at heart I have some high ideals: hence I'm taking the patient route on publication, as I know my stuff won't be particularly populist. With that said I have strong interest (as reader and in more academic terms) in genre fiction, particularly scifi, so I wouldn't call myself much of a snob. If it's good it's good.

My wordpress is my (extremely rarely updated) poetry blog - take a look and enjoy by all means, but it's hardly for promotional purposes!

Currently I'm working in teaching (plus some freelance tutoring on the side), though I've done work in the publishing world in the past, albeit peripherally: I've worked in publishing startups and ran my own publication for a while. Although I attach more 'real significance' to writing, I'd say that I enjoy editing almost as much, and I'm probably better at it.

favourite books

[Prose only]

The Western Lands [Burroughs]
Valis [Dick]
A Scanner Darkly [Dick]
Visions of Cody [Kerouac]
Trouble on Triton [Delany]
The Lathe of Heaven [Le Guin]
The Long Good-Bye [Chandler]
The Light In August [Faulkner]
Tender is the Night [Fitzgerald]
The Garden of Eden [Hemingway]
The Atrocity Exhibition [Ballard]

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