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about me

I have written 13 children's picture books,
working on the two-part, adult-fiction/fantasy series "War of the Wastelands" which you can read a portion of here on Authonomy, and scratching the surface of an young-adult, indefinite series called "The Witch"

When I am not not writing, excessively reading or painting, I am running around with my six year-old and my four year-old and getting into all kinds of trouble.

favourite books

Favorite books! Where do I start? Here's a few:

The King Must Die, Frankenstein, Mutation, The Curious Case of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, Treasure Island, The Bridge to Terabithia, Wicked, Shutter Island, The Ranger's Apprentice series, The Lightning Thief, One flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, The Great Train Robbery, Into the Wild, 1984, The Pilrgimmage, Eleven Minutes, The Counte of Monte Cristo.

I have also read everything by Paulo Coehlo, John Flanagan, Christine Feehan, C.S. Lewis, Dan Brown, and of course, Tolkien and Rowling. Can't get enough!

my websites

http://theredtunnelslidediscussion.blogspot.com/     http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=54522338

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my books

War of the Wastelands

Sara Sjoquist

Cover by Phil Partington

King Ronin must align with his enemies and free those enslaved before the prophecy unravels in the War of the Wastelands.

Second-born son King Ronin assumes the throne of Urla and sets in motion a dark prophecy from the time of his grandfather. The King's neighboring and long-time enemies have begun to war internally for the Turnam throne and seek captives beyond their borders to increase their armies. King Ronin will do all he can to free those enslaved, even bargain with his enemy's daughter.

Kidnapped as young boys, fisherman's sons Rider and Storm are trained to fight on foreign soil in General Ali's army. When the Turnam warrior grows weary of the blood spilt in his father's crown-contending war, he aligns with a renegade group of warriors. Rider and Storm must fight side-by-side with the General and his renegades when a new and unpredictable enemy invades the realm in search of souls to devour. Without these unusual alliances and discernment of a prophecy destined to bring death, the Realm of the Kings may be laid to waste.


The Witch

Sara Sjoquist

Evelyn DeLaney needs to find the Orobial parchment in order to graduate, but she isn't the only one looking for it.

Evelyn Delaney is a witch. Like most other teenagers who have come into their awakening, she attends Serpahbane’s School for mages and witches. She was so close to finishing her final quest and graduating early when agent Raphael Burrows from the High Council of Magic interferes.

The Orobial Parchment is an ancient artifact imbued with magic. Evelyn and agent Burrows work together to find where it has disappeared. But they are not the only ones who want it. As if prolonging a simple quest and her graduation weren’t stressful enough, Evelyn's search may lead her back to the one person she never wanted to see again: her father.

Conversing with gruesome trolls, fighting demon lords, and hearing voices in your head are just part of an average day in the life of a teenage witch.


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I wrote 349 days ago

Amy, Jessie and Nick are adorable. I love their enthusiasm and their search for adventure (which is something kids today are often lacking =) I like seeing the story through their eyes. I've read through chapter five so far and I like where its heading. I like the buildup of what Granddad may or ... view book

I wrote 356 days ago

NIce, dark beginning. The next three chapters are great as well. I read the first four chapters and I really like what I'm reading so far. Your writing is strong and the descriptions and dialogue are well done. Nothing is overly lengthy or distracting and the dialogue is right to the point and b... view book

I wrote 356 days ago

Beautifully written. I love the way you describe Galah and how her interactions are so believable for a young, troubled girl. The little nuances she has makes her real to the reader and you do this well. I also love how we hear her thoughts that she is too scared to share with others and her unique... view book

I wrote 375 days ago

Very interesting beginning. I like the lead-up and I like the main character right away. I think you also give beautiful descriptions and have a unique writing style that paints a nice picture. Only a few things I noticed: It was a bit distracting to not get Livia's name until the fifth or sixth... view book

I wrote 393 days ago

Interesting how you have the reader hanging like the dance you imitate in the opening chapters. I love the way you open the story with the beautiful descriptions of the birds. You do a nice job of teasing us with little tastes, but we still don't know everything that's going on. I think there are... view book

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