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Great to have found this source of free reading :). It's just possible I'll upload something myself one day. - Made some steps :).

I'm growing increasingly certain that I am an illegitimate grandson of one of the Marx brothers. One day I will reveal all in a comedic masterpiece thinly diguised as fiction and reclaim my true place in my family, and their wealth, and how they spell their name. - That will have to be the sequel.

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Lenny Banks wrote 528 days ago

Hi David, I'm reading through books on the site, I got to you and not....

Marita A. Hansen wrote 685 days ago

Hi, David. Since you have a medal book on your shelf, which no longer....

Eric Laing wrote 688 days ago

Thank you, David. Love the avi. A club that'd never have me...nor, I ....

eloravelle wrote 729 days ago

Thank, thank, thank you for continously helping to support my book De....

lizjrnm wrote 740 days ago

Wow - I am honored to be on your shelf! Thanks. liz

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I wrote 955 days ago

"There is enough evidence to assert that the ancestors of Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, and Muslims worshipped the Sun before their religions came into practice" So what? Does the fact that someone did something before someone else prove anything? view book

I wrote 955 days ago

Recommended to me and happy it was. view book

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