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Hello everyone my name is Richard and I'm from Swansea, South Wales. I am a student currently hoping to go into psychiatric nursing or social work.

Like many others, my ambition and love of writing extends widely. I am a big fan of books, always reading mystery, crime or horror. I have written quite a few books which I hope to self publish on the kindle or attempt one day to become published offically.

I hope that others on the site might enjoy one of my books and I hope to gain some feedback.

favourite books

Tess Gerritson- The killing place.
Stephen King- Misery
Koji Suzuki- Ring
Stephen King- Christine
Mark Billingham- Buried
Martina Cole- Two women
Martina Cole- The runaway and pretty much everything else by Martina Cole but those are my favourite ones.

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my books

'Who's watching him?'

Richard Connolly

Everywhere I go. Everywhere I turn there as these 3 people dressed in black hoodies and they are getting closer.

Twenty one year old Jack Wilson has had the year from hell: his parents have died, he has been booted out of university, he is about to loose his home and to top it all off he arrives home to find his girlfriend of two years, Amanda Rickman, in bed with Tony Jackson; a ruthless man.

Feeling hurt and distraught, Jack needs some company but with his only friends Rhys, Suzie and Luke away on holiday he is left alone and in despair. What does he do? He tries to kill himself.

But when Rhys returns home early after a chilling intution, he finds Jack and rescues him but when Jack is adament he wants to die, he is sectioned for his own good.

Six months later, Jack is ready to fight the world again. He returns to university, meets a new girl Beth and moves in with Rhys. Things are looking up.

So when Jack begins to notice three people dressed in black hoodies nearly everwhere he goes, he begins to become suspicious. And when they start to violently attack Jack's nearest and dearest, he becomes really worried.

People are after Jack. How much time does he have?


The Darkness

Richard Connolly

Every 80 years, every 8 days, 8 boys will die. Why?

80 years have elapsed. Now it is time for the darkness to cloud over the 8 boys responsible for its tormented soul. It starts with Luke Madison, 18, then Jay Stone, also 18, and then Liam Jones...

When Sam Stone, Jay Stone's sister, learns of his tragic death she embarks on a quest to uncover the mystery to the other boys' deaths. But when she thinks she has a lead, another boy dies, and another.

With the police baffled and the whole of King's Sixth Form in terror, time is running out.

Can any of the boys up for death survive and will the secret be told?


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I wrote 762 days ago

Ok Ron that's fine. I'm glad you think it's a good story and thank you for pointing out the errors. view book

I wrote 1095 days ago

This one is quite good. I love crime novels and how people find and solve murders. If this was published id buy it :) view book

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