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John Hamler. American Idiot. I'm into chasing cars and females with big floppy ears. :)

Been farting around with this novel ANTAGONY for near a year now and I'm already convinced it'll be the death of me. I'll concede there are far better storytellers than I out there (on this website, in fact) but I believe I can generalize about life, death, sex, and taxes with the best of 'em. :)

Authonomy is supercool, all the game-playing notwithstanding, and it's been fun being a part of it. Cheers! And God help us all.

favourite books

Cat's Cradle--Kurt Vonnegut
A Confederacy of Dunces--John Kennedy Toole
Watership Down--Richard Adams
Billy Bathgate--EL Doctorow
Clockers--Richard Price
Anything by Elmore Leonard or Cormac McCarthy
I don't know...the list could get belligerent

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I wrote 1461 days ago

So once I got over the conceit of a beautiful homeless girl (attractive people just don't end up on the streets, or if they do they don't stay attractive very long; Eliza Doolittle notwithstanding) I really enjoyed this. I think because the writing is so sharp and intelligent and fast paced at the s... view book

I wrote 1461 days ago

Dang, Abigail. I think you've got this genre licked. It's got all the ingredients: Magic, monsters, and medieval detail. And the writing is strong. Very strong. If it all seems a bit familiar, it's because the template works. Plucky kitchen maid female lead swept up into a man's world of adventure a... view book

I wrote 1471 days ago

Chapter 1 Psychologically a very intense story. Supported by some excellent writing. At first I wasn't so sure about the repeated mantra: Should have could have waited, but it does the job of reinforcing the angst and anger. The ingredients are here for a riveting character study of a sociopath. ... view book

I wrote 1475 days ago

Yeah, everything Sly80 said is true. For me, though, it's a bit dizzying, to be honest. Or maybe I'm just not quick or clever enough to latch on to everything you're presenting. I have no idea what the fuck Second Life is, for one. Anyway, I've been on this kick lately where, although I appreciate t... view book

I wrote 1476 days ago

Chapter one This is interesting. From the style to the subject matter. But it reads like a clever blog, rather than a novel. Or maybe you're not writing a traditional sort of novel, in fact. It's a very specific tale you're telling, a minute's minutae, if you will. And in that sense I can apprec... view book

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