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I have been busy getting "Feast of the Antlion" onto Kindle.
It is now there and available.

Many thanks go to the kind reviewers here who helped me improve this from my original version. I am sure that there will be missed errors, and will be happy for anyone to point them out so I can correct them.

My next challenge it to get Suffocating ready too.

I still have a full watchlist to read through and hope to get to it soon.

Thanks to anyone who has backed my books in the past.

Sorry, but I don't respond to spam, and generally do not to read horror, fantasy, time travel or science fiction.


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Contemporary fiction, Crime, Mystery, Historical Novels, Novels set in foreign countries, Romance, Thrillers..

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Caro Ayre

Cystic Fibrosis hurts the sufferer and the family.
The effects can be devastating.
The burden of guilt overwhelming.

When one member of a family has an incurable disease, the effects can range from being over protective to complete denial. The situation can cause the family unit to disintegrate.

Clare has to accept that her marriage is crumbling. She also has to learn to let her daughter take control of her own health.

Hannah needs to find a way of becoming independent and coping with her illness, but at the same time does not want to hurt her mother.

Mike has been pretending that there is nothing wrong with his daughter. In the process he had closed down his emotional side, not wanting to expose himself to pain.

Edward the older brother has been the strong supportive one, but he cracks under the strain, the question is will someone notice and pick up the pieces in time.


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patio wrote 580 days ago

Dear Caro, would you mind back and/or appraise/proofread a chapter (o....

ubulord wrote 580 days ago

"The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale" is a book with o....

jrevino wrote 590 days ago

Hello, my name is James Revino. I am the author of ‘Hollow.’ I was wo....

mdws77 wrote 592 days ago

Since you have a gold-medal book on your shelf, leaving it there will....

Nepalwriter wrote 594 days ago

I'm ready to remove a couple of books from my shelf since they made t....

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I wrote 1169 days ago

Have only read chapter 1 so far. The paragraph information about the ex-boyfriend, and Heather's husband dying seemed out of place where it stood. It might have seemed less of an info dump if incorporated in the very last bit, when she doesn't get information about Brandon from his ex employees, m... view book

I wrote 1178 days ago

Thank you for such easy to read and understand information for a complete technophob! Will check out the rest in due course. Good luck with it. view book

I wrote 1232 days ago

Great start. A couple of little things. The seat belt left room for another person practically, Do you need the practically? Paragraph starting “The late July heat. The first part is great, but the ending is an info dump about the family history. Grandfather lived there for 15 years, after ... view book

I wrote 1232 days ago

Hi Richard, I have only read the first chapter, but thought that it was time you got a comment. I am assuming you are looking for comments to make this read better. The topic is so personal it makes it hard for anyone to tell you how to write it, You certainly have tugged at the emotions with ... view book

I wrote 1352 days ago

stuck trying to find anything to suggest to improve this. The reader gets drawn into this unusual characters way of thinking, even though they probably find him creepy and don't want to go there. view book

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