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Who dunnit. How dunnit. Unusual characters doing surprising things. Twisted plots. Action. Suspense. Careful research. Humor. A straightforward writing style that never slows down the pace of the story.

All of this is who we are. We are most happy when the reader closes a J P Hudson novel after "The End" and exclaims, "I never expected that!"

Take a short break from the instant gratifications of this frenetic society and let us entertain you!

The “J” in J P Hudson stands for Jack Hudson and the “P” for his wife Pat Hudson, who collaborate to produce the books. Books available to order are:

A Senior's Moment
The Balloon Eye
Kidnappers' Moon
Warm-Up Kills
Help Find Me

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favourite books

Moby Dick
Huckleberry Finn and the other works of Mark Twain
The works of Michael Connelly
Most of the books by Jefferey Deaver
Agatha Christie, whose works have sold over 2.4 billion copies
Hot Springs by Stephen Hunter
Some of the books by Harlan Coben
The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld
All The King's Men by Robert Penn Warren
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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my books

Warm-Up Kills

J P Hudson


An upbeat party atmosphere sours in an instant when a U. S. Senator is shot dead inches from Bill and April Hamilton at a fund-raising barbeque in Rio Rancho. Shock and horror spreads as other members of Congress are assassinated across the nation. Nothing like this ever happens in America!
Are all U.S. legislators being targeted? If not, what do the murdered ones have in common? How can two Rio Rancho private citizens possibly help? And how is a homeless man called Teacup involved?
As Bill and Freddie start investigating, dangerous events follow. Shots fired in a parking garage. A last ride with a hitman. A bombing at a University. A siege in a panic room.
Why is a shadowy figure named Max acting as stage director behind the scenes?
The final surprising outcome may give you a new take on certain political theories. At the very least you will enjoy the ride as Bill and Freddie unravel the mystery ….


Help Find Me

J P Hudson

Bill Hamilton wondered if his mind was playing tricks on him when a young lady unexpectedly paid him a visit.

Bill Hamilton, an ordinary man who has solved some extraordinary crimes, wondered if his mind was playing tricks on him when a young lady unexpectedly paid him a visit. And not just any young lady, but probably the most attractive he had ever seen. Stunned by her sudden and unexplained appearance, he realized after she abruptly left that he had not asked her name or contact number. When she later failed to appear at an appointment, he had no way to track her down.
The circumstances of the strange visitation made him doubt it ever happened. No one else had seen her and everything about it had been inexplicable. Now doubting himself, he had to find her somehow. She had said only three words after greeting him on the eerie visitation. Those words could have been the start of a question, a demand, or the plea of a lost soul. Something paranormal? An apparition? He had no idea. The words that compelled him into another dangerous murder investigation, including a near death experience for Bill and his wife April on a New Mexico mesa, were: HELP FIND ME.


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AliyaM.books wrote 16 days ago

Oh and yes I will be willing to back your book!

AliyaM.books wrote 16 days ago

Thank you sooo much for your comment on Mila! It's comments like that....

AliyaM.books wrote 16 days ago

Hi! Would you be interested in helping me get to the editor's desk? M....

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Hi! One of my favorite mystery novels is actually Tony Hillerman's Sk....

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Mila is a tough story about a mother's love that withstands her being subjected to the horrors of being forced to be a gladiator. The prose is simple and clear, but powerful. Insights such as her being supplied with an inferior weapon make the reader feel the author was actually there because they s... view book

I wrote 77 days ago

Drinks at the Devil's Well is a beautifully written love story that morphs into a tale of suspense and tough choices. The characters are well developed and realistic. The action scenes are tense and believable. Humor is expertly inserted in the story and works to hold the reader's interest. Such wis... view book

I wrote 98 days ago

Thrill Writer's Remorse has an interesting premise; intrigue involving a young writer of thrillers which are so graphic they attract the suspicions of international police and the interest of a terrorist group as well. Book signings become the scenes of attempted kidnappings and seemingly casual mee... view book

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Shuffle is gripping and masterfully written. Dark, mysterious and frightening. It makes the reader want to read to the end. Why have Della's acquaintences been dying through most of her seventeen years of life? Why does her father insist on them moving so often? Many other questions cannot even be a... view book

I wrote 143 days ago

All the pretty dresses is an exceptionally well-written thriller that keeps the reader on the edge of his seat and unsure of exactly who the serial killer is until near the end. Action scenes are exciting and well written. The author proves that off color language is unnessesary to create tension a... view book

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