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I am rarely here much lately and my backings are reserved, for now, for writers whose work I got to like when I was more active on the site. I am not doing new reading, so if I don't know you, there's no point asking until further notice.

When I joined Authonomy in July 2012, I never dreamed I'd find love. Wasn't searching. Never imagined it possible. Least of all 5,000 miles away. Allison Brockman, aka Bobby-Boy, changed my life.

I close my eyes and I see you sleeping.
I watch your lovely lips,
and I plant a kiss on the bottom one,
with a light brush onto your top lip too.
Your nose wrinkles and I nuzzle it with mine.
Your lips part and I cherish the sound,
like a single drip of water into darkness.

I inhale you through your hair.
You have a scent like candy breath
and a baby's scalp.
I rest a single hand on your breast,
to feel your warmth rise through cotton.
I leave my palm with you and drift to my dreams.
You wake to the memory of my clutch.

I have been working on a novel provisionally titled 'The Sea People' since 2012. My chosen setting is the southern regions of the British Isles, more than 1000 years before the first historical record of its peoples. For a sense of realism, I rely on archaeological evidence, pop-anthropology and realistic fantasy. It will make a comeback to Authonomy in due course.

'Undertow' is a collection of short stories and a few poems, for anyone in need of distraction :D ...but I'm not pushing it, so backings are unnecessary. It is here to showcase my versatility as a writer; and as a Johari window to numerous deficits and palpable blind spots, many of which I am now working to correct. It is complete, at 22,600 words, because if they're any good, there are plenty more where they came from.

favourite books

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller had the impact I would like my own Bronze Age catastrophe story to have; Pompeii by Robert Harris had the immediacy of a top class thriller which my own efforts might create (in my dreams). About a Boy by Nick Hornby introduced me to a world of music I loved before I knew it and presented an (apparently) effortless novelic structure I could only long to ape. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel showed me how the use of 'tense' could conjure such an illusion as REM sleep may evoke. The Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling was the Harry Potter novel I read best to my children. I miss being able to read aloud to them. The Famished Road by Ben Okri showed me how simple memory of oral histories are able to hold more power than a transcript could. And Patrick O'Brien, fraud that he was, never-the-less: The whole Aubrey Maturin series got me out of a large hole... once-upon-a-time, long before I fell in love...

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Joshua Roebuck

Take life in small doses, or it just might pull you under...

A collection of short stories and a few poems.

There's something for everyone in here: literary fiction, chick-lit, historical fiction, erotic poems, thrillers, crime, YA, children's, romance, contemporary fiction, life poetry, comedy, satire and even the re-working of a Christian parable.

If your take on life is Carpe Diem, be careful to get a good grip, or else you could be dragged into a very deep, dark place.

For those who see life as a vessel half-empty, get ready to brighten your outlook...

There's a list of 'Contents', with genres at Chapter 2.


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I wrote 273 days ago

Thought I may as well post my suggested edit of the new chapter here (the one after the summoning, that you've yet to load up) as it's minus strikeouts and comments so you can just read it through as it stands. You might find this easier to assess, without all the in-line stuff :) It had been the... view book

I wrote 273 days ago

My suggestion for an edit of your SP and LP: John Freeman's life has been a long battle against personal demons. In a sleepy American town, evil personified pays him a visit. And she's beautiful. John was a novice Priest when he made love for the only time in his life. The intensity and brevity ... view book

I wrote 275 days ago

Songs of the Damned, chapter 4. I think the added horror element and extra tension with John being 'chased' is excellent! I still think we need to have further direct clues to the maroon stains and the yellow gumboots within the next few chapters after the mention they get in chapter 6, or at ... view book

I wrote 275 days ago

Songs of the Damned. I don't have your latest on e-mail, so thought I'd throw a few edit suggestions down here. 3rd line is structured as if a noun is coming last. Maybe re-order the line like this: "Through the old fashoined receiver in his hand, the voice sounded tinny and scared shitless." ... view book

I wrote 321 days ago

Heavenly Rejects Book 1, Songs of the Damned by Allison Brockman. Chapter 1. Multi-layered characters with flaws, complexity and depth; a plot that gets off to a cracking beginning, straight into the action; seemingly effortless dialogue, bristling with strong characterisation and skilful 's... view book

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