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I am interested in Japanese history and culture. I've visited Japan three times and have visited some of the historical sites. I've also watched and acquired countless Japanese historical films that feature samurai (and other) sword practitioners. When I was younger and in better health, I studied kendo (Japanese fencing) for 8 years, winning the rank of Shodan (First Degree).

I have published short stories in fantasy and science fiction, in Marion Zimmer Bradley's anthologies. However, up until now, I had never written a novel. "Snow Tiger" is the first novel that I've completed and I'm working on others. All of my novels are either Japanese historical or Japanese historical/fantasy.

favourite books

"The Bamboo Sword and other Stories" by Fujisawa Shihei, translated from Japanese by Gavin Frew

"The Heritage Of Hastur" and "Sharra's Exile" by Marion Zimmer Bradley

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Snow Tiger

Nina Boal

Japanese historical fantasy. There is an old Japanese saying: "The Sword is the soul of the Samurai." What does this truly mean?

Yukitora is an impoverished ronin (masterless samurai) who struggles to raise his two children after the death of his wife. He has to make a devastating decision when his daughter sells herself to a brothel to raise funds for her brother, who is desperately ill. Sakura is a wandering swordswoman. She has survived indescribable horrors in her youth when her father was murdered. After avenging her father's death, she has engaged in the warriors' path of seeking to better her skills and find meaning in her life. Hidemasa is a young samurai, orphaned and seeking guidance. Banzaemon, the chief retainer of the domain, seeks to be kind to commoners, but he has secret lusts within him. What happens when these four warriors seek to learn the true secret of a sword's soul?


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Ron Mitchell wrote 662 days ago

Thank you so much for your continued support.

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I wrote 767 days ago

Thanks so much. I feel very honored to have such a compliment from you, a very skilled writer. Best, Nina Boal view book

I wrote 938 days ago

Thanks for your comments. I have decided to go the POD route with this book because it is in a rather specialized genre. It's available on view book

I wrote 950 days ago

Your friend, Books123 recommended this tale. LOVE the characters in your tale. Your writing shows a lot of imagination and description. I've backed your book. If you get a chance, could you look at my book "Snow Tiger"? My book is complete and features (among others) a big cat spirit. view book

I wrote 954 days ago

Hello, this is a great start. Your story truly drew me right into the thick of this Viking history that I'm not at all famliar with. I've backed your book to encourage you. If you wish to sample something a bit different, please look at my book, "Snow Tiger." This is Japanese history with a bit ... view book

I wrote 976 days ago

This is a definite page-turner. The writing is taut and takes the reader right into the action. Just a couple of small suggestions: the people aren't being described at all; I don't know what they look like, though the ages are given. The other suggestion: there is some confusion with the tenses of ... view book

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