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Needless to say, I am a semi-professional musician. I love factional biographies of composers and famous musicians. This type of book is few and far between so I have started to write myself. I hope to load some chpters very soon. In the meantime I will read as many new books as I can, and read reviews to pick up style tips.

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joymab1 wrote 422 days ago

Hello, My name is Joy, a young caring girl i saw your contact on....

princessjobe wrote 505 days ago

Hello my name is princess i saw your profile today and became inter....

miacia7 wrote 622 days ago

This is my first book, the death of my son gave me the strength to st....

ndayerr wrote 895 days ago

(jessica_2vndaye@yahoo.com) My name is jessica i saw your profile t....

Eponymous Rox wrote 990 days ago

Hullo there. I'm still a reader on Authonomy scouting for new authors....

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I wrote 1257 days ago

This is a gentle book and I found your narration rather special in places. Those of us who have dogs will appreciate this and can agree with a lot of your tales about them. I have a Weimeraner and she has an amazing character. A one person dog and she would make a perfect gun dog if I hunted, which ... view book

I wrote 1262 days ago

Interesting setting in Dublin. I shall look at this better later on when I've finished work. I've liked what I've read so far - and well written. view book

I wrote 1262 days ago

This was such a good read and deserves more recognition. I hope you do get more as time goes on. Well written and jolly interesting too. Informative. view book

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