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Five Continents of Lovers

Juno 66

What I have learnt about love....

Sophie is a sexual adventurer. She travels the world and the seven seas in her search for passion and excitement, love and intimacy. Her peripatetic lifestyle takes her across continents, from the wilds of Brazil's Pantanal to the cosmopolitan buzz of Sydney. But will she ever find what she is looking for?


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tone099 wrote 39 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Software wrote 477 days ago

Hello Juno 66, Seasons greetings. Hope you are well. Maybe you ....

Littleredriley wrote 477 days ago

Hi there, would youlike to do a read swap sometime? I've added yo....

Odette67 wrote 484 days ago

Hi i wondered if you would like to do a book swap? Many thanks kat....

Dean Lombardo wrote 491 days ago

Good for you. So will mine.

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I wrote 742 days ago

Hi Violet, I'm enjoying what I've read of this so far - really great story, that will appeal to a wide market. I had one idea - that you could actually swap chapter 1 and 2 around? I feel that the idea that the pilot might bomb his wife is much more potent once we have met her. Just an opinion! ... view book

I wrote 743 days ago

I've only read one chapter of this and I'm intrigued. I will be back for more and will leave detailed comments then. Have a look at mine in the meantime if you can: http://www.authonomy.com/books/42610/the-dog-walker-s-guide-to-obedience-training-/ It's not really about dogs! Juno view book

I wrote 747 days ago

I've only read one chapter, but I'm loving it already. The characters are real and instantly believable. The sense of place is great. I don't think you can do too much in terms of describing the scenes etc - to anyone who's never been to Pakistan, it is fascinating! Really good and I'll be back ... view book

I wrote 749 days ago

An interesting concept, Su Dan, and when I get the chance I will be back to read more! Juno view book

I wrote 751 days ago

Hey Warrick, just had a read of the first few chapters. A really interesting premise and you wear it well, as they say. I agree with some other comments that you could probably go through with a fine tooth comb and weed out anything extraneous or repetitive. For example, you maybe don't need quit... view book

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