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I grew up reading Walter Farley's Black Stallion and Island Stallion series. I think I shall always have a fondness for a good horse tale.

My love for horses eventually led me to owning a horse farm where I bred, trained and showed Arabian and Morgan horses for most of my life

Through the years I've had many friends that truly understood and respected equine mentality. I have also known so many people who objectified horses as expensive possessions that were mostly useful in how they provided amusement.

When I started writing Golden Moon, I wrote with the passion of wanting to help young people see horses in a better way; to see them as entities deserving the same respect for quality life that all people desire. I do firmly believe that animals have feelings, emotional needs and intelligence intrinsic to their species.

A horses' willing relationship with a person should be celebrated with respect and loving kindness, not objectified as possessions to be used for recreation and sold for top dollar to make room for a better, possibly more talented or attractive horse.

It has been proven and documented that horses have eidetic memory of sight, smell, sound and touch, all the way back to birth. Horsemen have come to call the phenomenon 'imprinting.' They not only can differentiate between the sound of other horse whinnies, but they respond differently to the whinnies of their friends and relatives.

The book, Golden Moon, is complete. The the first four chapters are posted here on Authonomy. A sequel, which carries on where Golden Moon leaves off, is also complete, but still undergoing edit.

Anyone wishing to contact me outside of Authonomy is welcome to use my personal email: Razorwolfe01@hotmail.com

If I were to list my hobbies and interests, the list would no doubt ramble on into tedium, especially if I could just sum it all up by saying I'm into anything musical, creative or artistic!

If I was asked what I was truly passionate about I could honestly say it was three things: My mate, writing and reading! And the order says it all!

Lastly, about myself, I would say I have a life's goal. I want to write entertainment for the world that amuses people with a good tale; interesting characters and says it all in a way that makes people ponder philosophical concepts, consider environmental needs or look inward for universal truth.
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ENDORSEMENTS: Richard Bard, Nicholas Boving & Sheila Belshaw

I am incredibly moved by Richard Bard's BRAINRUSH and so proud that through exposure on Authonomy he has successfully gained a top literary agent for his MS as well as a film right offer. Kudos Richard! I will be proud to see you in Book Stores and know we were Authonomites together.

Suspenseful, edge of your seat, crime thrillers have never been my preferred genre, but Sheila Belshaw pulled me in with PIN POINT. I would recommend her psychological thriller to anyone, as it is great literary fiction. Read PIN POINT and see why she is among the top five contenders for the Editor's desk!

If you love good literary Horror, The Warlock, by Nicholas Boving is a must read. The story is a riveting thriller, but the true clincher is Nick's incredible writing style. This author is a true master of imaginative, descriptive writing.
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favourite books

I like any well written vampire, werewolf or paranormal that uses creative humor as comic relief.
J.R.R. Tolkien
Charlaine Harris
Elane Bergstrom (Shattered Glass series)
Anne Rice
Kim Harrison series
Christine Feehan series
Jim Butcher series
L.A. Banks series
J.R.Ward Series

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Golden Moon

Dawn DeRemer

Golden Moon shares telepathic images and recollections about birth, mid-western ranch life, running Mustang wild and coming home to a boy's love.

A horse rancher promises his motherless son, Trent, that he may choose any foal for his own. Narrated from the point of view of Goldie, the palomino filly the boy falls in love with, the story unfolds with a unique hint of telepathy, vivid descriptions from the moment she is born, and continues as she learns about mankind, the ranch and other life lessons.

When half grown, Goldie is stolen by a mustang stallion and added to his wild herd. She encounters a whole new struggle for life from a yearling's perspective. Staying alive and growing up keeps her too busy to think about missing Trent's love.

An older herd mare, Madera, adopts and protects Goldie, but her old knee injuries make it hard to survive the harshness of freedom. After two happy years of living wild, Goldie realizes that to save Madera, they must return to the captivity of ranch life.

Goldie's loving reunion with Trent changes everything for her. She discovers that captivity can be just as interesting as freedom, especially when new adventures include horse rustlers, stallion fights and a boy that adores you!


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I wrote 1433 days ago

I think what you are doing is good and any time you can help others, that's a good thingy. You asked for a strong critique, so please don't shoot the messenger. You need to make a decision. Do you want this to be a pass around book that mostly Christians might link up with and you will eventual... view book

I wrote 1433 days ago

I think what you are doing is good and any time you can help others, that's a good thingy. You asked for a strong critique, so please don't shoot the messenger. You need to make a decision. Do you want this to be a pass around book that mostly Christians might link up with and you will eventual... view book

I wrote 1437 days ago

I love True Blood and do, in fact, own all of the Charliane Harris books. I absolutely love a mix of horror and the halarious. Your book is great. It moves along, has a very strong, emotionally clenching premise and different from the usual cop/vampire novel. You just need a leg up snagging an a... view book

I wrote 1446 days ago

I was a little spooked about the title, thinking it was one of these books with a 'tude problem, but now I see it was a play on words...cute and your story is fun and well written Best of luck Dawn De Remer (Golden Moon) view book

I wrote 1448 days ago

This isn't my usual genre of preference, but I can appreciate the quality of writing, effort and a job well done. Since is has good reviews, I think you've hit your target audience. Best wishes for a speedy trip to success! Dawn De Remer (Golden Moon) view book

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